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Some new videos have been surfacing for the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon centered around the Pokemon Zygarde. The newest video reveals some of its special attacks, as well as the change into its final Forme. The video is short and to the point, but enough to get Pokemon fans excited.

The video comes from off-screen footage captured by mei ming during the Pokemon 2016 Taiwan National Championships. There's nearly two minutes of a loop featuring Zygarde getting hit with a Dragon Claw attack from Garchomp. The Zygarde takes the damage but then buffs up and makes its final transformation into the Zygarde Complete Forme.

According to Gematsu this enables the rare Pokemon from Pokemon Sun and Moon to achieve its ultimate status. There's also a second video in English where they not only cover the final transformation of the Zygarde but also cover the previous transformations of the Pokemon and some of its attacks. You can check that out below.

As you can see, in Pokemon Sun and Moon the new Formes of Zygarde can unleash some devastating attacks on opponents. In the Zygarde 10% Forme we see it attack an opponent using the Thousand Arrows move. It shoots off a thousand digital arrows and lands on the ground surrounding the opponent it's facing off against.

The next move we see from the 10% Forme includes a move called the Thousand Waves, this move plays into the Zygarde's digital manifestation, allowing it to turn into a wave of digital shards and attack its opponent.

In the final Forme we see that it gets a very special attack in Pokemon Sun and Moon called the Core Enforcer. The move is an ability that sees the Zygarde flying into the air to shoot down a powerful beam at its opponent, making the shape of the letter 'Z' while doing so. They don't get into any of the stats of this particular pokemon nor do they roll out any details on just how much damage these attacks will do in Pokemon Sun and Moon, but just based on the videos alone it looks as if this will easily be one of the most powerful Pokemon in the game.

Nintendo has been slowly inching out new content for Pokemon Sun and Moon leading up to its November 18th release. While they've revealed the new location and introduced some of the new starter Pokemon, we still don't have a full understanding on how the new vehicles fit into all of this. Maybe we'll find out about that next? For now, gamers have been able to get an ample taste of what Zygarde is like in battle.

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