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One Player Hid From His Attacker In Dark Souls III In The Most Brilliant Way

Getting invaded in Dark Souls is a common occurrence. Many players die in PvP that way. However, one player in Dark Souls III got smart by dressing up like an NPC in order to avoid being killed in PvP by another invading player, and the results are hilarious. Check it out below.

Gamerant picked up the video from YouTuber Zexster. He put together a quick three minute video showing multiple encounters with a user going by the handle of zSuRg3. The player invades Zexster's game, runs around with dutiful intent to kill Zexster, kills a few things but can't seem to find Zexster.

So what was the hold-up? Well, if you're not familiar with Dark Souls III, there are NPCs scattered throughout the game. Some of them are big and ugly, some of them are normal sized and wearing armor, rags or other types of clothing. In this particular case, Zexster dressed up like the NPCs that are huddled around the fire just off screen.

Despite killing other NPCs and walking around casually, the invader still didn't pick out Zexster as a real human being.

On the YouTube page some users are calling this out as suspect because usually players have identifiers over their heads so gamers know who is real and who is not. Others think that maybe Zexster staged it with a friend.

Regardless, this Dark Souls III video managed to trend on Facebook for a few hours, giving the YouTuber plenty of exposure and views.

More YouTube-savvy commenters pointed out that the trick that Zexster used here in Dark Souls III to avoid being killed by an invader was also done by Achievement Hunters, a popular YouTube group.

The popularity of this specific video rests on the fact that the invader just could not spot out Zexster even while he was hiding in plain sight. Some of you might be wondering "Well why didn't he just kill all the nearby NPCs?" it's usually because players who get high enough in level feel it's a waste of time to waste resources and weapon durability on scrubs. Why kill low-level NPCs when you can kill high-level players?

Typically even in the single-player mode for Dark Souls games, most high-level players completely avoid killing low-tier NPCs because it becomes a waste of time. If you watch any of the videos on YouTube majority of players avoid fighting unless they absolutely have to. In this case, it actually could have benefited the invader had he just taken the time to kill all the NPCs in the area.

I suppose if there is a lesson to be learned in all of this it's that you can hide in plain sight by dressing up like a low-level scrub NPC in Dark Souls games, and that you should never forfeit killing low-level scrub NPCs in Dark Souls games because one of them just might turn out to be another player.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.