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In the world of online gaming, it's not super uncommon for someone to receive disciplinary actions despite the fact that they didn't do anything wrong. If you're going to claim that's the case in Heroes of the Storm, though, you better be telling the truth. A player recently tried to pull a fast one on the HotS team and was quickly shamed with the truth.

A post called"I was silenced for reporting" has been buzzing around the internet these past couple of days wherein a Heroes of the Storm player claims they were, you guessed it, silenced for reporting another player.

Like in most online games, Heroes of the Storm has a system in place for reporting players who are throwing around offensive language and the like. When those reports come in, it is understood that someone on the team will take a look at the report and, when appropriate, dish out some punishment. That typically takes the form of "silencing" a troublesome account for a while, making it impossible for them to swear like a sailor or harass other players for a period of time. Suspensions and flat-out bans may be used in extreme cases or instances of repeat offenders.

In some cases, though, the wrong player gets punished for a crime they didn't commit. In those instances, you typically just need to let the developers know what happened, they'll take another look at the case and, boom, the problem is solved.

Heroes of the Storm forum user DougJuggler, though, found out that you had better be telling the truth if you want to make such a claim. Otherwise, someone from HotS might just embarrass you in front of all of your friends. Here's their initial claim:

WOW I am soooo disappointed. Anytime anyone on the team has a problem and gets toxic I report them, and type reported. But I guess when you do that they will report you for reporting them. I did not break any rules, but I am silenced. Thanks Blizzard. Do you even LOOK at the reports, or is the terms of service only for show?

The answer, as it turns out, is that Blizzard definitely looks at the reports. DougJuggler made their claim a little less than a week ago and, just two days ago, Support Forum Agent Glaxigrav offered the following response:

For confirmation, you were not silenced for reporting others. Yu were silenced for using chat like this:

2016-06-07 19:25:03LILI WHAT THE (double expletives) ARE YOU DOING (expletive noun)

2016-06-11 10:46:50 kill tracer noobs (religious figure) (obscene word)

2016-06-14 00:35:25 AWSOME the (offensive words) THAT CANT REPLY TO MY INSULTS TOOK MY PICK

2016-06-14 lol I will (politier word would've been 'mess with') with him the whole game now

If anyone finds themselves in a situation where they believe they incorrectly were silenced, you are welcome to submit an appeal through our Support Site and our Game Masters will review the logs attached to your case. Thank you!

Well, I suppose that about settles it, yeah? If you're going to cry wolf in Heroes of the Storm, you better have a furry, four-legged beast hot on your heels.

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