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The Pokemon Company released some new information for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS title, Pokemon Sun and Moon. The new info details the brand new pocket monster added to the roster called Salandit. It's a fire and poison type.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

Game Informer did a quick write-up about the new Pokemon, explaining how it has the the look of a lizard... a salamander, to be exact. According the article this is the very first fire and poison type combination Pokemon. If that really is the case then it's amazing that the series has gone on for so long that they're able to introduce such a generic combination for the very first time in the series.

One of Salandit's abilities is to to utilize the new Corrosion skill. This ability will be able to affect all types of Pokemon, including steel and poison types. What it does is afflict the opponent with a poison attack that does damage over time. You can briefly see it in action with the video trailer below.

The Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer only clocks in at 56 seconds bit it does a good enough job of being able to breakdown the various skills and abilities of this new poison and fire type.

As mentioned before, the Corrosion skill will work against all Pokemon types. This gives it a huge advantage against any opponent. They don't showcase what the exact percentage of damage is of the DOT attack, but with some decent leveling and a strong focus on using Salandit as a support Pokemon to whittle down the life of more dangerous, high-level opponents, it's easy to see where Salandit can fit on the roster.

It also has a second attack called Toxic. This move is a direct poison attack. They don't expressly show how much damage it does and whether or not it affects all Pokemon, but it appears to be a standard damage attack.

Pokemon Salandit
The Pokemon Company

The new Pokemon Sun and Moon video rounds out with a final look at the Pokemon's fire side, something that was downplayed throughout the earlier parts of the trailer. It has two different fire types attacks, one of which is a fire lobbing attack that arcs in the air and lands squarely on top of an opponent. This attack looks to be a basic fire attack to deal direct damage to an opponent.

A second fire attack is a purple fireball, shooting directly at an opponent. Once again, they don't show how much damage it does but we can likely assume that it takes a nice chunk out of an opponent's life bar.

This is just one of the many new Pokemon that will be making its debut in Pokemon Sun and Moon. The game will also feature the final Forme of Zygarde, giving gamers an opportunity to acquire the legendary formation.

You can look to get your hands on Pokemon Sun and Moon starting November 18th, later this year. The game will be made available exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.

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