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Pokemon Go

Sadly, we won't see any Pokemon Go pictures of Pikachu running around on the space station anytime soon. According to a recent statement from NASA, the game doesn't work in space.

The craziest part about all of this, to me, is that NASA took the time to talk about whether or not astronauts can play a silly mobile Pokemon game while orbiting the planet. I imagine the announcement involved a podium, a fancy suit and lots of camera flashes as soon as the "No Pokemon Go in space" decree was handed down.

As The Verge is reporting, though, apparently a lot of folks have taken to social media asking if it's possible to catch Pokemon in space. The game has obviously been a ridiculous hit following its initial launch, so it makes sense that NASA would take note of so many people writing to ask about the game's functionality among the stars. Sadly, there's only bad news to report. According to a statement from NASA, Pokemon Go can't "go" to space.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for the astronauts to play. While there is a small number of smartphones available on the space station, the crew uses them for science activities, but not for personal use. The smartphones and other mobile devices on station (tablets) also do not have internet connectivity.

Okay, two things right out of the gate: First, you mean to tell me we have the ability to support life in a tin can flying through the cosmos but we don't have the ability to make sure our astronauts can watch Netflix? Second, I adore the idea that someone at freaking NASA said that the smartphones on the space station are used "for science activities." It's impossible for me to read that and not picture one astronaut using the phone to record another astronaut testing their baking soda volcano experiment.

So it's kind of a bummer that there are no Pokemon in space, since we imagine catching the critters and fighting over the space station gym would help those astronauts pass the time.

But now that's got us wondering: Where's the most unexpected place you've located a pocket-sized monster with Pokemon Go? We've seen all sorts of reports of folks venturing into their neighbors' back yard uninvited, or perhaps wandering into a police station to snag a Krabby, but have any of you readers stumbled upon a Pokemon in an unusual place? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

And while you might not be able to find a Pokemon in space, there is evidence that the critters are at least considering interstellar travel. Several Pokemon have actually been caught at the Johnson Space Center in Houston alongside the Saturn V rockets. So, that's a start, right?

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