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People Are Actually Choosing Where To Eat Based On Pokemon Go

It's common knowledge that Pokemon Go has affected far more than just the gaming community, because even those who have been playing the game aren't all hardcore gamers. Now, Pokemon Go players are choosing their restaurants dependent on whether or not it's near a gym or a Pokestop. You can see an example of one post found on Facebook, hoping to lure in more customers with Pokemon Go.

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The above post is just one example of how restaurants and cafes are taking advantage of Pokemon Go and using it to draw in more customers for business. If they're lucky enough, they might be in the prime location next to a gym or Pokestop. Because if they are near a Pokestop, they can offer to drop a lure or post incense, which helps draw in Pokemon. And naturally, veterans of Pokemon Go already know that these draw crowds like crazy, those hoping to get their hands on the swarm of Pokemon that come to the area. And in turn, this brings more customers.

The above poster, owner of a small cafe, made a Facebook post and offered to set up lures and incense so that customers would have a reason to hang around. And if customers see the cafe is doing them a service by drawing in Pokemon for them, they might just buy a thing or two from the cafe. I mean, they'll probably be hanging around anyways, might as well get something to drink or munch on.

This is just one example of how Pokemon Go is effectively taking over the world, piece by piece. People have become so obsessed with the thought of Pokemon Go and finding their next Pokemon that they would alter their daily life just to get the opportunity to try and catch it. Because in the back of their minds, there's that little voice that says, "What if it's a Mewtwo or Gyarados?" And the obsession continues. That means not only are people pickier than ever about restaurants, but now they'll sacrifice a part of their work day to go chase a Pokemon down the road. Or take a lunch break and spend it catching Pokemon rather than eating.

So as Pokemon Go continues to grow in popularity across parts of the world, people continue to alter their daily lives in drastic ways to accommodate the new, obsessive app. Even if that means eating at the less-liked sushi place for three hours because it's right next to three Pokestops.