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NES Classic Edition

Nintendo is re-releasing the NES in a miniature form called the NES Classic Edition. The new system comes with a collection of popular games that were iconic on Nintendo's 8-bit home console, and they recently revealed the 30 games that will be bundled into the retro system's re-release.

The Verge did a quick list of the 30 games, as well as pointing out some of the features that will be included in the console, too. You can check out the complete list below.

Balloon Fight

• Bubble Bobble

• Castlevania

• Castlevania II: Simon's Quest

• Donkey Kong

• Donkey Kong Jr.

• Double Dragon II: The Revenge

• Dr. Mario

• Excitebike

• Final Fantasy

• Galaga

• Ghosts'N Goblins

• Gradius

• Ice Climber

• Kid Icarus

• Kirby's Adventure

• Mario Bros.

• Mega Man 2

• Metroid

• Ninja Gaiden

• Pac-Man

• Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream

• StarTropics

• Super C

• Super Mario Bros.

• Super Mario Bros. 2

• Super Mario Bros. 3

• Tecmo Bowl

• The Legend of Zelda

• Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Those are some pretty cool games, barring stuff like Super Mario Bros. 2, which is usually ranked as one of the worst games in the series. However, they have plenty of other titles to flesh out the library to give you plenty to look forward to playing on your miniature NES.

There are a lot of classics in there to help familiarize today's generation with some of the franchises that kick started multi-billion dollar brands, such as Metroid, The Legend of Zelda and Castlevania, along with classics like Double Dragon II, which introduced a lot of cool stage hazards that many beat-'em-up titles copied thereafter. The original Final Fantasy makes the cut so you can see what helped start a franchise that still exists as one of the biggest video game properties in the world today, along with the Donkey Kong franchise, which is still going strong to this day.

The console will feature an HDMI plug so that you can easily hook it up to the latest and greatest television sets currently on the market. You can also hook up the modified NES controllers to the Wii-motes, with The Verge mentioning that if you have Virtual Console games on your Wii or Wii U you'll be able to use the NES controller with the NES Classic Edition to play those VC games, which is actually pretty cool.

They don't mention if the controller can be used for other games on the Wii or Wii U, but given the limited button layout and configurations, it's unlikely that you'll get much use out of the controller than with the NES Classic Edition games or those titles running on the Virtual Console emulator for the Wii or Wii U.

One thing to keep in mind is that the NES Classic Edition does not support the use of classic NES cartridges. So if you have these games tucked away somewhere and you've been getting all excited about this news and blowing the green stuff out of the bottom of the cartridges, ripe and ready to play, you'll have to put your excitement back into the closet with your cartridge collection. You won't be playing those big old 8-bit carts on Nintendo's new NES console.

The new classic console is set to arrive on November 11th for $59.99.