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According to the latest batch of rumors, the weather might actually have an impact on which Pokemon you catch in the astronomically popular mobile game, Pokemon Go.

Launching earlier this month in the US and spreading to several other regions this week, Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. Now it turns out that actual storms might have an impact on the game, if folks on Reddit are to be believed.

This report comes to us via press release from the AccuWeather Global Weather Center. According to the report, folks have been braving stormy weather in order to catch even more Pokemon. What they've possibly discovered is that those storms are causing certain Pokemon to appear more frequently.

For instance, one Reddit user in Melbourne, Australia, is reporting that they managed to catch more water-based Pokemon in Pokemon Go when it was raining.

When lightning came into the mix, they claimed to catch more Electabuzz, too.

Of course, AccuWeather is encouraging folks to play it safe in storms. Just like no Pokemon is worth wrapping your car around a tree or walking off of a cliff, I doubt that adding Electabuzz to your collection is worth a drenched smartphone or, you know, a bolt of electricity to the dome.

But hey, you do you and we'll do our best not to judge.

If true, that certainly puts an interesting spin on just how sophisticated Pokemon Go's critter spawning technology actually is. We all know that certain Pokemon tend to spawn more regularly in certain areas. It's also understood that more water-based Pokemon are supposed to pop up around water, so it would make sense that a downpour would result in more watery pocket monsters showing up. Still, we haven't had confirmation yet that, along with checking in on your location, Pokemon Go actually keeps up to date on the weather.

You're welcome to test it for yourself and report back here in the comments section below. I mean, different Pokemon arrive at night, so maybe it makes sense that more than your location is taken into account when populating the area with Pokemon.

Now that's got us thinking: What do you think would spawn in Pokemon Go in the middle of a tornado?

It really has been insane to watch this Pokemon Go craze take hold. I'm sure plenty of folks are already tired of hearing about it at this point, but the only reason the game is getting so much attention is because it is a legitimate phenomenon. It's not very often that something puts a strangle hold on pop culture, so you can't really blame folks for wanting to soak up every little thing.

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