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If you play Pokemon Go and also happen to have a baby or, say, a tiny dog that you can't stand the thought of making actually walk on its own, then we've got a spiffy new stroller you might want to take a gander at.

While the developers at Niantic Labs have stated that they are working on a patch to address Pokemon Go's extreme hunger for charge, the game is currently a huge drain on smartphone batteries. Even with my phone is in power save mode and the screen is turned all the way down, it's obvious that Pokemon Go is chewing up my battery life every time I take a stroll to collect monsters.

The folks over at 4moms think they might have a solution for any tech-savvy parent, but that goes double for folks who want to run double duty on taking the baby out for a stroll while catching Pokemon. They've got a brand new stroller coming to market called the "Moxi" and, along with holding your precious child, the thing can actually charge your smartphone.

Described as bold, adventurous and spunky, descriptors typically saved for car commercials, the Moxi boasts a "beautiful, modern design" and a feature known as "power on board." In short, a pair of generators in the rear wheels charge up the stroller while you're pushing it, providing juice for the built-in headlight and taillights, as well as the charge port. There's a pretty hefty tray attached to the Moxi's handle, where you can store your phone and have it charge while out on those afternoon walks.

In other words, you've got yourself a handy little mount for your Pokemon Go device, as well as a way to keep said device full of charge.

For those interested in the specs, the Moxi is good for babies from infancy on up to 55 lbs. and the seat can be adjusted for front- and rear-facing, complete with three recline positions. In other words, your baby will be traveling far more comfortably than you've ever traveled in your entire life. The Moxi comes with a bassinet, too, in case you're dealing with a newborn on your Pokemon Go strolls.

The Moxi is expected to arrive this October, and we imagine that Pokemon Go will still be an "it app" by then, so no worries if you feel like plopping down the $699.99 to order one of these bad boys. You might also want to order a Pikachu onesie for your tyke, just so you can be the most adorable parent in the park. No word yet on if the Moxi will come in Pokemon-friendly design schemes.

So for those of you who have been thinking of having a kid and also want to catch 'em all, the Moxi might help provide a convincing argument to get the ball rolling on that whole ordeal.

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