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Pokemon Go

Yes, the headline reads right. A Pokemon Go bar crawl took place at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. You probably thought it was a "bar brawl" at first, but no. Things were civil and pleasant and a bunch of Pokemon Go fans got to meet up in real life.

The Verge is reporting that tons of gamers came out as part of an organized event that was put together by Caitlin Teasdale, who organized the event through a Facebook group.

The report indicates that the bar crawl for Pokemon Go at this year's San Diego Comic-Con started with just 15 people, but more and more people kept responding and wanting to get in on the action. The group grew from 15 people to 2,500. Not all 2,500 actually made the trip in person, though. The actual bar crawl saw several hundred people come out to engage and interact with otherPokemon Go players.

Twitter user @GeekOutLang captured an image of the crawl as people headed toward several bars.

Given the amount of people who showed up, Teasdale had already contacted and worked with several bars in the area to ensure that everything went as smoothly as possible and that everyone was able to get in and enjoy both Pokemon Go and the drinks being served up by the local bars.

They had a bit of help in organizing and getting people excited thanks to peripheral maker Razer. The company was giving out a few free devices for those who showed up, as well as encouraged users to make use of the RazerGo app, which is designed as a Pokemon Go chat application to help people communicate. The Verge reports that the app didn't get a lot of mileage during the event.

According to Teasdale, she explained to The Verge that it was all about getting people to come together and get drunk while playing Pokemon Go...

I just wanted everyone to experience the Comic-Con bars that I have experienced the last eight years or so, [The whole point of the event] [was for] everyone to have fun and get drunk while catching pokémon, and I think they did that.

Teasdale hopes to schedule another event just like the one that happened this year at Comic-Con. She's already thinking about a bigger and more exciting turnout for the San Diego Comic-Con set to take place in 2017.

While it sounds exciting, the reality is that Pokemon Go may not be as big next year as it is this year. It all depends on how well Nintendo can foster people into staying engrossed in the game. Right now, however, Pokemon Go is one of the biggest and most used apps out there. Nintendo and Niantic Labs is constantly adding new territories and regional support to the app, so it's only going to keep getting bigger in the near future until they've rolled out the free-to-play app in every major applicable territory.

We'll see if Pokemon Go has retained its flavor and appeal when the San Diego Comic-Con rolls around next year.

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