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Final Fantasy XV is set to be a hit on multiple fronts. There's the upcoming RPG, of course, as well as the ongoing anime series that fans seem to be enjoying. Now we've got a look at the next piece of the puzzle, Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV, an animated movie that helps set the stage for the game. There's even a shiny new trailer to help get viewers prepared.

The last time Square Enix got involved with a motion picture, it nearly destroyed the company. But while critics and fans didn't seem to enjoy The Spirits Within all that much, the developer is taking a more calculated risk with its latest feature based on the Final Fantasy XV universe.

For starters, Kingsglaive is directly tied to an actual Final Fantasy game, whereas Spirits was basically the most detached you could get from the beloved series. Also, you can expect lots of battles, swords, monsters and the like, rather than alien-ghost-things that steal peoples' souls.

What's super rad is that this Final Fantasy XV movie will see a theatrical release here in North America, with Kingsglaive set to launch nationwide on Aug. 19 in select theaters.

As was revealed on the PlayStation Blog, the story is directly tied to Final Fantasy XV, but you won't have to know anything about the latter to enjoy the former. Kingsglaive tells a self-contained story that stands on its own two feet, but will greatly enhance the experience for folks who plan on actually playing the game when it launches this fall.

While Final Fantasy XV will reference King Regis' war with a neighboring empire, the Kingsglaive movie tells that actual story. Similar to the game, however, the bond between father and son will apparently be as big a focus in the movie as it is the game.

It's also worth pointing out that Director Takeshi Nozune is reporting that, as fans of the Final Fantasy series, the movie's crew has peppered the film with plenty of references to the games, meaning long-time lovers of spectacular hair, extra belts and swords the size of a house should have even more to enjoy than the average viewer.

As for the trailer itself, it certainly looks spectacular. We've seen plenty of footage from Final Fantasy XV that looks almost too good to be true, and Kingsglaive certainly seems to be following suit. In short, this looks like the Final Fantasy movie fans have always wanted.

As for the stars you can expect to hear in the English version, the cast consists of Aaron Paul, Lena Headey and Sean Bean.

After this trailer, we've officially set our expectations to "pretty-dang-high."

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