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The newest promotional trailer for the upcoming No Man's Sky focuses on the game's survival aspects. We've seen the trading, the crafting, the flying and the combat, but sometimes it's just the planet's environment in No Man's Sky that can give you a real run for your money.

As highlighted in the video above that Game Informer picked up from the PlayStation channel, the various planets scattered around the known universe of No Man's Sky can be hellacious. In one case we see a planet that has a toxic atmosphere, quickly bringing down the player character's toxic protection and leaving them vulnerable to the deadly fumes.

Another few clips showcased a planet basked in the frosty chill from sub-zero temperatures, cold enough to affect the player's view and restrict their breathing and movement. Another planet highlighted a different kind of danger... radiation. Players will need suits designed specifically to deal with these hostile survival conditions.

Other hazards include dust storms and heat waves, forcing players to have to modify and adapt their loadout in No Man's Sky to deal with the harsh environments.

The trailer briefly covers some of the hostile lifeforms that players will encounter as well, ranging from bipedal beasts to underwater monsters. There are also robot sentinels to deal with and mechs moving around on planets.

Some people are a little turned off with the game's strong focus on exploration and its seemingly lonely approach to planet exploration, but it's an ambitious game with nary a proper equal on the market at the moment. I suppose an argument could be made that Starbound captures the same themes and gameplay as No Man's Sky, and that's certainly true to an extent. However, in the case of Hello Games' space sim, it's in 3D and sports space combat, which is missing from Starbound.

The hook for Hello Games' title is that you're able to travel to multiple planets across various galaxies in an absolutely massive universe. The main goal so far has been to build up your resources, gather the necessary equipment and then improve your spaceship so that you can eventually make the great pilgrimage to the center of the universe.

The game will also feature multiplayer but Hello Games have repeatedly said that the universe is so big in No Man's Sky that it's likely that millions of people will play the game and never encounter another player at all throughout their entire playthrough. In fact, they're so confident in the size of their game that you won't even need PlayStation Plus to fiddle around in No Man's Sky multiplayer. If that really holds true then that's a very impressive feat for the scope of the universe that they've created.

You won't have to wait but two weeks to get your hands on the game as it preps for launch on August 9th for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

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