Pokemon Go

There are a lot of Pokemon to find and catch in Pokemon Go, but one of the little critters seems to have proven to be impossible to catch. That hasn't stopped dedicated gamers from putting in the time and effort to discover ways to catch one of the most elusive Pokemon in Pokemon Go: Ditto.

Game Informer is reporting that there is a thread over on Reddit called the Ditto Easter Egg Thread. It's dedicated to disseminating the information surrounding the potential possibilities of capturing Ditto in Pokemon Go.

The thread goes through a number of steps surrounding theories and possibilities of how it's included and what may be required to capture the Pokemon. Most people know for sure that Ditto is actually in Pokemon Go because data miners discovered it in the code for the game. They also discovered that it has base stamina of 96, an attack rate of 110, a defense rating of 110 and max CP of 919.62. It also has a base capture rate of 0.16, which is similar to the capture rate of Charmander, Pikachu, Squirtle and Bulbasaur.


The Reddit thread is filled to the brim with information, such as Ditto's base flee rate, when it first appeared in the cartoon, what some of the methods are for capturing it in the other Pokemon games for Nintendo's handheld systems, what happens when it transforms to avoid being attacked when it tries to sleep, as well as its ties to the other legendary Pokemon, Mew.

There are quite a few theories they have planned to test through the thread, including feeding the eggs butter, looking for clues in relation to Pokemon medals, as well as possible tie-ins between Ditto and the rumors that it may be exclusive Pokemon Go Plus DLC. One other prevailing theory is that Ditto is being withheld from full release until Mew and MewTwo become available.

Another theory is that Ditto may be exclusive to the South American version of Pokemon Go, similar to how some of the other Pokemon are exclusive to some regions. However, exclusive Pokemon can still be captured if they're hatched through eggs.

The Reddit thread also lists all of the failed theories for capturing Ditto. There are plenty of them and most of the basic ones have already been debunked. It reminds me of the Easter Egg hunts in the Call of Duty zombie maps, where players, YouTubers and live-streamers all work together to break down the game and discover the secrets sprinkled throughout the zombie maps.

In this case, gamers are desperately trying to discover how to capture Ditto in Pokemon Go, and unless there's literally some kind of programming block in the way, I imagine it'll only be a matter of time before they unlock the proper method for capturing Ditto.

The most likely scenario is that Ditto hasn't been activated yet and that it's coming in a future update. Of course, we can't know for sure until either all of the theories are debunked or until someone actually captures Ditto.

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