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Rejoice, true believers, as the day of prophecy is upon us. Having abandoned mankind for (console) generations, the return of the demo disc is at hand thanks to the PlayStation VR.

When the PlayStation VR headset launches next month, it will come packed with a demo disc boasting a collection of games for folks to try before they buy. Announced through the PlayStation Blog, this disc will boast trial runs through eight games, including some of the most highly anticipated titles for Sony's VR headset. Here's a rundown of what you'll get to test drive right out of the box:

-Driveclub VR

-PlayStation VR Worlds

-RIGS Mechanized Combat League

-Tumble VR


-EVE: Valkyrie

-Wayward Sky


Back in the olden days, it was common for a game console to launch with a demo disc, giving players the opportunity to try out a variety of games before deciding how to spend their hard-earned cash. Monthly magazines were another great source of demo discs, letting folks try out games they may otherwise never give the time of day.

Demos are digital now, but, without those handy discs, it seems like they're few and far between when compared to generations past. For those of us who grew up playing demos of games for longer periods of time than the campaign of many modern games, it might be difficult to understand why Old Man Winslett is so excited.

But, hey, soon we'll all be reintroduced to the glory of demo discs, whether you're new to the concept or an old hand, courtesy of the PlayStation VR.

With the PSVR launching on Oct. 13, you'll get to take a crack at a rather nice mix of games that will also be available around launch of the new hardware. So even if you can't really afford more than a game or two when you make that initial investment, at least you'll be able to see what else is on offer thanks to the recently announced demo disc.

Driveclub VR doesn't really require an explanation outside of "slick driving game from an actual first-person perspective." While PlayStation VR Worlds is itself a compilation of multiple shorter games, the demo included on the disc will give you a chance to check out the Ocean Descent game that comes included in the package. That's one of the only games in that particular collection I haven't played so far but, if it's anything like the other offerings, it'll likely be a blast.

RIGS is the PSVR's big multiplayer launch title, putting players in the cockpit of mechs and allowing them to square off in a sort of mix between basketball and first-person shooter.

Tumble VR is a cool 3D puzzler, while Battlezone is the rebirth of a beloved tank game that lets you cruise around the battlefield while blowing things to pieces.

EVE: Valkyrie is a space dogfighting game. I got to play it only once at E3 2015 and it's still the game I keep harping on when talking with folks about how much fun VR gaming is going to be.

Finally, Wayward Sky is a cool-looking action platformer, while Headmaster is a nifty test for your soccer skills.

Look for all of that in one glorious demo disc when the PlayStation VR launches next month.

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