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Nintendo and Niantic are continuing to move forward with new ways to interact and engage with Pokemon Go, including making a version available for those to play on their new Apple Watch before 2016 is out. The upcoming support for the app on Apple's Watch will allow you to view Pokemon, receive notifications and even collect items.

Pokemon Go

According to Engadget, the Apple Watch version of Pokemon Go will include the ability to interact with PokeStops, track their steps, and even hatch eggs while they're in the incubator. It's pretty cool because you can now hatch your eggs without having to take your phone out or keep it active, you can hatch eggs by simply wearing an Apple Watch and going about your daily business. It's perfect for those who have to go grocery shopping or jogging or to the gym, but don't actually have the free time to whip out the phone and play Pokemon Go.

There is, however, a downside to this. You can't actually capture Pokemon on the Apple Watch. Instead, you have to flip out your phone if you happen to come across any rare Pokemon you want and use your iPhone to finish the deed and capture the wild monster.

Engadget speculates that the reason you aren't able to catch Pokemon in Pokemon Go through the Apple Watch is because Nintendo wants to push sales of the Pokemon Go Plus, the wrist accessory that allows you to receive notifications about nearby Pokemon, gather up items from PokeStops and even capture Pokemon by throwing Pokeballs from the simple touch of a button. The Pokemon Go Plus carries a $35 price tag and could help further push big sales for Nintendo on the peripheral point.

It doesn't seem unlikely that Nintendo would restrict some content for Pokemon Go for the Apple Watch given that if it offered everything the Pokemon Go Plus did then there would be no need to buy the device. Heck, you could just get an Apple Watch and it would cover all your bases, from portability to functionality to ease-of-use, all without needing anything else from Nintendo.

This move also seems to be backed up by the fact that the Apple Watch has received a price drop. According to Apple Insider the first series of the Apple Watch has been lowered to $269.99, making it a very viable option as a mobile device that lets you handle both productivity and entertainment activities all at the press of a button or the flick of a finger from the comfort of your wrist. Allowing Apple Watch users to catch Pokemon in addition to all of the other features present in the Watch version of Pokemon Go could easily dampen sales for something like the Pokemon Go Plus.

Alternatively, there's the argument that only people willing to pay high-end prices for top-tier electronics devices would forgo the Pokemon Go Plus in favor of the Apple Watch. The Go Plus is more of an affordable accessory given that it's under $50, whereas the Apple Watch is $270, which is pretty steep for the average gamer on a budget.

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