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The CEO of The Pokemon Company, Tsunekazu Ishihara, may have just confirmed one of the major rumors circling the Nintendo NX. The confirmation wasn't really the sort of hard-confirm we've been looking for but it definitely adds weight to previous rumors about the Nintendo NX being a hybrid console and portable device.

Kotaku picked up the news from an interview that Ishihara had with the Wall Street Journal, where he stated...

The NX is trying to change the concept of what it means to be a home console device or a hand-held device.

Confirming that Pokemon games are coming to the new system is a no-brainer, but Kotaku isn't sure if Ishihara is "spit-balling" or if he actually has inside info on the makings of the NX being a hybrid device. It's not unlikely that the person running the company currently in charge of overseeing Pokemon Go would be kept in the loop about the NX being a hybrid portable and home console device.

Nintendo Controller

This is a rumor that has been floating around for quite some time; that the Nintendo NX is both a hybrid home console and a portable hand-held system, enabling gamers to take the device with them on the go.

Concepts and patents have made their way to the public, indicating that the Nintendo NX is some sort of hand-held device, but we just don't know exactly what kind. One diagram showed that it will use detachable controllers when used as a portable device, allowing users to easily plug in the controllers or unplug them at will. That may not sound too impressive given that these kind of detachable control schemes for portable devices already exist and are currently available from a number of different peripheral makers, but what is impressive is that apparently the Nintendo NX will use an electronics-free controller.

According to the diagrams, players will be able to plug in the controllers on the side of the NX and utilize the buttons using an infrared camera reader attached to the portable device. This means that the attachable controllers can range from anything such as typical analogs to basic face buttons to all manner of unique options in between.

If it does turn out to be true that Nintendo is going the hybrid route, it could prove to be a huge boon for the company, as they could effectively have games like Pokemon Go on the NX while also having hard-hitting hardcore games like the Super Mario Bros, Star Fox and a real Metroid game on the console as well. It could also mean that titles like Pokemon Sun and Moon could make their way to the NX, being playable both as a portable game and as a high-end home console title.

Of course, we have no idea what Nintendo has planned and the NX could very well be the next big thing or turn out to be the next big flop. With Nintendo there's absolutely no telling what the outcome may be. For the sake of gaming preservation and maintaining a modicum of a quality bar within the industry, let's hope that the NX turns out to be a success, otherwise we'll be stuck with the PlayStation and Xbox as the only real competitors, even though they've basically turned into twins that have more in common with a desktop PC than traditional home consoles.

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