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The Last Us took the gaming industry by storm when it released a couple of years ago. The game was the perfect swan song for the PS3, featuring great graphics, gameplay and a compelling story about survival. Naughty Dog is celebrating the in-lore Outbreak Day of The Last of Us by discounting goods on the PlayStation Store.

Gamespot is reporting that a number of accessories and paraphernalia for The Last of Us is currently discounted by up to 20% over on the PS Store. Within the in-game lore, September 26th was when the virus spread across the nation, infecting people and turning them into vegetable zombies. On the upside, there would never be a shortage of cauliflower, but on the downside, the cauliflower would try to eat you and kill you.

Well, as part of celebrating that aspect of the story, Sony and Naughty Dog have a number of items and gaming bundles available centered around The Last of Us that can be purchased at discount prices, including busts based on the game, such as a Clicker Bust, which is marked down from $120 to $99.

There's a Clicker Pinny that you can grab for $9.99, down from the $15 price, along with a variety of clothing options such as t-shirts and hoodies. The majority of the t-shirts are marked down from $15 to $9.99, while some of the more visually compelling shirts are marked down from $20 to $16. The hoodies range from $48 -- marked down from $60 -- to $54 -- marked down from $68.

Collectible items like a lithograph from The Last of Us is available for $24, marked down half-off from the regular $50 price point, while utilitarian gear like a watch based on the one that Joel wore in the game can be acquired for $79, down from the $99 price point.

One of the more elaborate items available is a poster autographed by its illustrator, Kevin Tong. Naughty Dog teamed with Mondo to create a limited edition poster based on The Last of Us, as explained over on a blog post on the official website, where they showcase what the poster will look like.

According to Naughty Dog, only a limited quantity of the posters are available and will be sold through MondoTees. It's available starting today, if you were interested in picking up the limited edition illustration.

Last but not least, there is a coordinated sale on The Last of Us games, including The Last of Us Remastered and the standalone DLC called "Left Behind". There are also discounts on multiplayer add-ons along with a new theme that's available for the PS4's desktop based on the September 26th Outbreak Day.

The sale for all things Last of Us will run for an entire week and will be available up until next week. So if you haven't picked up a copy of the game or the DLC, now wouldn't be a bad time to do so.

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