Pokemon Go

Another court case is scheduled to take place involving Niantic Labs and Pokemon Go. This time the company is being dragged to the Hague courts in the Netherlands after officials failed to get a response from Niantic about putting a curfew on when Pokemon could be caught in Pokemon Go.

The Guardian is reporting that officials from the Netherlands have taken Niantic to court in Hague after they attempted to reach out to the company in addressing Pokemon appearing in the protected beaches of Kijkduin. Reportedly, hundreds of Pokemon are appearing on the beaches, causing people to leave their homes and venture outside to capture these Pokemon.

Officials feel as if all these people coming out and playing Pokemon Go and gathering in public places like the protected beaches of Kijkduin is harmful to society. There are also concerns that there could be damage done to the beach dunes in Kijkduin and the surrounding areas.

The officials wanted Niantic Labs to put a curfew on when Pokemon could be captured, wanting them to be available only between 11:00pm and 7:00am.

Niantic, however, failed to respond to the officials from the Netherlands and so they felt as if they were left with no other choice but to take Niantic to the Hague... the Hague courts that is.

Officials are now seeking to have Pokemon removed from protected areas and to prevent them from appearing on certain streets, in addition to having a curfew on Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

The case is expected to take place on October 11th in a Hauge court.

It's been reported in the past that Niantic has obliged requests to remove Pokemon from certain areas, including many landmarks, Holocaust memorials, grave sites, museums and other locations deemed to contain sensitive historical material.

According to The Guardian, even employees at the Pentagon are requested to step outside in order to catch Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Iran decided to avoid the situation altogether by banning the entire game in the region on the grounds that it was a security risk.

China has also been reluctant in adopting Pokemon Go, with some media outlets claiming that the app could be used as a spy tool by America's CIA in order to infiltrate and gather sensitive information about China.

Amidst the hysteria and panic, Niantic, The Pokemon Company and Nintendo have calmly found ways to placate the requests made by people, organizations or in some cases entire municipalities who have taken up issue with Pokemon Go.

One French mayor even sent a decree to Niantic telling them to remove all Pokemon from his city because they didn't get an operating license to allow Pokemon to appear there in Pokemon Go.

Some businesses see the app for what it really is: a business opportunity. Many of them are dying to become officially associated with Niantic Labs because Pokemon Go has brought a lot of business to certain places and has increased revenue significantly for smaller mom and pop shops. In the case of the Netherlands, they simply don't want that level of attention, especially for their protected beaches.

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