Pokemon Go

Niantic Labs consistently keep Pokemon Go updated and receiving fresh new content. They've already given gamers a look at what's in store with the upcoming updates for the mobile game now that they've finally stabilized servers and can start rolling out more fun content instead of stability patches.

Over on the official Pokemon Go website, Niantic announced that they have plans on adding in new features such as a new catch bonus where players can earn medals and rewards depending on the type of Pokemon that they catch in Pokemon Go. You can stack these medals and they can help you down the road in catching other Pokemon of a related type.

So if you find yourself excelling in capturing grass Pokemon, you can then earn a medal for catching grass types and then find yourself having an easier time capturing higher level grass types. They also explain in the post that the Kindler Medal, for instance, will grant you a bonus for catching fire-types such as Charmander, Vulpix and Ponyta.

Niantic also explain that you can work your way up tiers for becoming a specialist in catching certain types of Pokemon. There is a bit of a silver-lining and that's for multi-type Pokemon, where your bonus will be averaged between the two types, unless you have an equally high bonus for both types.

In another post over on the official website, they also announced that they made enhancements to the way players interact with and engage in Gyms in Pokemon Go. For instance, now it's possible to bring six Pokemon into battle instead of just one. They've also adjusted the CP of the Pokemon that players train against in order to keep things even during battle.

Pokemon Go appears to slowly be moving into the content growth territory of its lifespan instead of just the utilitarian aspects when it receives updates and patches. For the longest the patches mostly centered around optimizing the servers, fixing bugs and correcting some other aspects of the gameplay to make it easier for people to hop in and play.

Of course, patches hasn't helped with some of the public fallout surrounding Pokemon Go, especially the accidents, some of the deaths surrounding the game, and a lot of other tomfoolery that ended up being attached to the game in the media's spotlight.

In some cases, Niantic Labs has been sued for one thing or another. In fact, in one case a man was suing Niantic Labs because of Pokemon appearing in his yard, which has attracted the attention of kids walking by his house and attempting to catch Pokemon around the neighborhood.

In a separate case a French mayor sent a decree to Niantic Labs asking them to remove the Pokemon from his town because they didn't want all that attention in their small town.

A lot of gamers are hoping that eventually Niantic will be able to focus on bringing new Pokemon to Pokemon Go and elevating the game's variety of catch-worthy monsters. It will likely take a while before the game includes all the latest and greatest Pokemon from the Nintendo 3DS renditions of the game, but with new updates to the Gym battles and the new tiered medal system for catching specific Pokemon types, it should be enough to keep gamers glued to their smartphones just a little bit longer.

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