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For all of you Pokemon Go trainers still going strong, the developers at Niantic are hard at work bringing out updates to make their mobile hit a more robust offering. With gyms getting the most recent attention via update, it sounds like multiplayer battles could be in the not-too-distant future, too.

Pokemon Go has been on something of a roller coaster ride since its initial launch this past summer. When the game first arrived, it seemed like there were more people in this world playing the game than weren't. You'd see hordes of folks making their way around town with smartphones in hand, eagerly trying to add another Pokemon to their growing collection.

Unfortunately, the core game was pretty bare bones and, after a while, the user base started to drop off. A couple of smaller updates that addressed in-game gripes kept things moving and, most recently, Niantic injected Pokemon Go with a buddy system that seems to have brought many former trainers back to the fold. The buddy system allows you to have a preferred Pokemon follow your on-screen avatar through Pokemon Go, earning additional bonuses along the way.

From what Niantic is touting on their blog, it sounds like battling gyms is about to become a whole lot easier, too. In Pokemon Go's next big update, trainers will now be able battle gyms with six Pokemon, rather than just one. For those of you unfamiliar with the game, gyms are tied to real-world locations in Pokemon Go. If a gym is owned by your team, you can train there and make your team stronger. If it's owned by a rival team, you can launch an attack on the gym in an attempt to take it over for your own team.

The problem with gyms in the past was that it was only available for one Pokemon per gym. So if you wanted to take down every Pokemon in it, your chances were pretty slim. With the next update to Pokemon Go, up to six players will be able to train at once, which should help keep things nice and fair.

Also a nice touch is that, if you're training weaker Pokemon, the gym's occupants might be temporarily lowered in level in order to make a more even match. That should ensure better training for all players of Pokemon Go.

We're happy to hear Niantic is working so hard to keep adding functionality onto Pokemon Go. It was clearly a launching point from the beginning, with more ways to enjoy the game planned to be bolted on along the way. Once we get some trading and online battling rolling, the game will be well on its way to living up to what many Pokemon Go fans expected in the first place.

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