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Nintendo Switch

A lot of people have been going gung-ho on what they think the Nintendo Switch will have and what they hope it will have. One feature that's been left up to question is touchscreen support. Well, here's what we know.

Eurogamer has received word from the same sources that informed them about the Switch's detachable JoyCon controllers -- and the hybrid-style design for multi-use purposes -- that the new gaming device will offer multi-point touchscreen support. The source, however, is anonymous and so all of this info is still unconfirmed.

Nevertheless, the article states that the touchscreen will not be like the one for the Wii U's GamePad or for the dual-screen on the Nintendo 3DS, both of which are single-point touchscreens that rely on pressure sensitivity. It was also one of the big criticisms for Nintendo's tablet-style devices -- that the lack of being able to touch multiple points on the screen at once inhibited control, precision, and enjoyability.

With the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo is making a change to that single-touch theory, according to Eurogamer. There will be up to 10 simultaneous points on-screen that can be touched, giving gamers a lot of versatility in how they interact with the Switch and its software. The tablet screen will also support resolutions up to 720p, but this is not indicative of what resolution it will offer when docked at the station.

If it does have multi-point touchscreen support, I'm sure a lot of you are asking why Nintendo didn't focus on this feature during the three-minute announcement teaser? Well, Eurogamer speculates that they didn't want to muddle the message, so they focused on the new features for the Switch, centering around its docking and mobile capabilities along with the detachable JoyCon wireless controllers.

Eurogamer believes that if they had showcased the touchscreen, people would have instantly recalled the single-point touchscreens from the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, so they decided to hold off on the announcement about that feature.

While this may sound kind of dumb, it does make sense from a marketing perspective. Remember, a lot of casual consumers thought the Wii U was an attachment for the Wii, so they didn't bother giving it a look. The message was muddled and it made it difficult to change that message after they had already bungled the console's announcement.

Nintendo has certainly learned from their past mistakes and has apparently decided to keep it simple with introducing the hardware. Based on the reception and talk centered around the Switch, I would say they've been successful so far.

However, this still doesn't account for the touchscreen... when will be a good time to announce it? Supposedly there will be another reveal happening on January 12th, so gamers won't have to wait too long before additional information is made available to public regarding the Switch.

Earlier in the year the U.S., Patent Office had diagrams showing that Nintendo had filed a patent for a touchscreen device along with the detachable JoyCon controllers. The diagram of the touchscreen -- much like Eurogamer is reporting -- had multiple touch points on it. What this would actually mean for the games on the Nintendo Switch remains to be seen, but perhaps the multi-point touchscreen support isn't just about games... what if Nintendo is also hoping to bite off a piece of the productivity and entertainment pie with general purpose tablet functionality within the Nintendo Switch?

The Switch would be just a few short apps away from being a serious competitor in the mobile space to both Samsung and Apple if the touchscreen support is legitimate.