This May Be The Best Pokemon Go Costume You'll See All Day

Halloween is the perfect time to dress up in crazy costumes that you would never dare wear outside on any other normal day of the year. Well, one guy managed to make a prop costume for Pokemon Go that might make you think again about wearing a Halloween outfit as normal everyday wear.

The video was posted on the YouTube channel Matt Cyborg Elt. It has been making its way around the internet thanks to Matt's creative ingenuity. He doesn't provide any kind of a description in the video to explain how he built the costume or what inspired him to make a complex Pokemon Go suit; but one could reasonably assume that he was a fan of Niantic Labs' popular mobile title and decided to take that appreciation to the next level by crafting a working suit.

Featuring the theme song from the popular cartoon, the short clip shows Matt with a device that looks to signal gamers to the location of a Pokemon. There's a giant fake smartphone screen aligned down his body and when you spin the symbol some Pokeballs roll out. The video then shows the ball being thrown at the stuffed Pikachu sitting in the center of the fake screen. When the ball is thrown at the screen, Matt presses a button that pops open the center that has an inflated Pokeball in the center. Using the same switch on the side, the ball can be shaken to indicate that the Pokemon is struggling to get out.

The whole thing concludes with a successful capture by showing the three stars over the Pokeball to indicate that the Pokemon is yours.

Technically, you could replace the Pikachu on the front of the fake touchscreen with any other stuffed Pokemon and it would work just as well.

It's pretty neat because as the center opens up the stuffed animal is encapsulated within the Pokeball. All the logistics of getting it to work is what's really impressive about the whole thing.

It also shows that Pokemon Go has managed to renew the interest in the property in a big way, and we're now seeing how that's culminating into real life fandom for non-gaming related events.

The franchise still seems to be going as strong as ever when it comes to traditional games in the series as well. Both Pokemon Sun and Moon are making big numbers on the pre-order front for Nintendo leading up to their mid-November release on the Nintendo 3DS, and it's already been reported that the two games are the most pre-ordered games in Nintendo 3DS history.

Nintendo has got to be happy with all of the additional attention they're getting and just how saturated Pokemon Go is in everyday society, especially when people can make functional costumes based on the art of capturing Pokemon in the mobile game.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.