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There have been some consistent criticisms of Niantic Labs' Pokemon Go, one of which is that some of the Pokemon you repeatedly keep catching will finally be replaced, opening up opportunities to catch a wider variety of Pokemon.

The news was let loose through the official Pokemon Go Twitter account. They revealed that Pidgey, Rattata and Zubat's encounter rates would be lowered in favor of other Pokemon. They don't list specifically which new Pokemon will be taking their place, but they do hint that they will be appearing less from egg hatching as well.

This comes on the heels of a lot of complaints over the past few months from die-hard gamers that Pokemon Go's pool of Pokemon isn't very deep. The shallow offerings of catchable pocket monsters has led many to abandon the game or play it less than they would like due to the stifled variety.

Niantic Labs taking note of this criticism will only help the game, because now gamers will have an opportunity to get their hands on a much wider variety of Pokemon, instead of the same few all the time.

This should also help bolster the appeal of the game to get people up and out and hunting for more Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Quite naturally, the tweet generated a lot of buzz from gamers who were wondering if this would mean more Gen 2 Pokemon would be included in the game, but Niantic Labs did not say.

What they did say, however, is that they've made some big changes to Eevee, who will now be available from hatching 5km Eggs instead of 10km Eggs.

This change now means that more gamers can get their hands on Eevee and have an opportunity to have the Pokemon added to their library without having to acquire 10km Eggs.

This also means lesser travel time for hatching the Eggs as opposed to walking double the distance for the 10km Eggs.

A lot of people have nearly universally praised Niantic for switching things up with Pidgey and Rattata, as well as removing them from the egg hatching process while also diversifying the opportunities to catch rarer types of Pokemon out in the wild. There was one person complaining about not being able to hatch Pidgey and Rattata in Pokemon Go through the Eggs, but that person was quickly shot down by others who applauded Niantic for the change.

The company seems to finally be moving out of the server-maintenance era and into the content balance and evolution era. If things keep pace in the way that they are, we could be seeing new generation Pokemon make the cut sooner rather than later. It would also be a nice way to keep the game feeling fresh and possibly even get more people interested in the upcoming release of Pokemon Sun and Moon.

For now, Niantic is taking it one step at a time, culling the over-population of Pidgey and Rattatas while injecting the community with more opportunities to grab an Eevee. This news comes shortly after they announced another update that focuses on giving out daily and weekly bonuses, which followed up shortly on the news of Pokemon Go having a special Halloween event.

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