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Nintendo sure is dishing out a lot of love for the Dragon Quest series these days. We've already had a couple games in the series thrown around throughout 2016, but as of this weekend the Bit N has announced that Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King will be joining the 3DS family in early 2017.

While the 3DS is already home to loads of fantastic, original RPGs, publishers certainly aren't afraid to bring back some classics on Nintendo's handheld console. Dragon Quest VIII, for instance, will be available on January 20, bringing the beloved PlayStation 2 adventure to a whole new audience of fans.

It's hard to believe, but Dragon Quest VIII first launched over a decade ago, offering up a huge story, the beloved cartoony aesthetics, and so much more. According to Nintendo, the 3DS version won't just be a direct port, as they've got a couple of enhancements planned for this upcoming version of the game. Those include a quick save function for easier quick bursts of play, as well as some handy speed-up features that will let you get through some of the more lengthy encounters. Square Enix is pretty big on those types of features these days, allowing folks who like the classic feel of turn-based combat to move through at a leisurely pace while simultaneously providing options for folks who don't have time to piddle around with every single little fight. It was most recently used in World of Final Fantasy to great effect.

Another nifty feature being offered with this updated version of DQVIII is the ability to take in-game photos and then share them through StreetPass. This only works when you aren't in battle or in the middle of a cutscene, but it's still a pretty cool addition. We saved the best for last, though: there will be no random encounters. Enemies will appear on the map, giving the player the ability to run into baddies and wage war when they want to, rather than every seven feet.

Nintendo also recently posted a video showing off what folks can expect out of Dragon Quest VIII, and it looks pretty great on that smaller screen. You'll get to see some of the gameplay unfold, as well as hear some of the great voice actors do their stuff.

As the announcement points out, you'll be able to do battle with more than 250 monsters while questing to overthrow a "twisted magician" and learn the story of the Cursed King. And in case you're having trouble putting a finger on it, the answer is "yes," those designs are from the legendary Akira Toriyama, perhaps better known for their work on the Dragon Ball series.

So now we have two things to look forward to from Nintendo in January. First is the full Switch reveal and, late in the month, a return of Dragon Quest on the 3DS.

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