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At long last, a Super Mario game is making its way to mobile platforms. Nintendo has kept the project pretty secretive up to this point, but now we have a launch date and even a price point for their first major mobile offering, Super Mario Run.

Before you scream "Pokemon Go," Nintendo only has a small claim to Niantic's mobile money farm. And Miitomo, as far as we're concerned, is little more than a social network. Super Mario Run, on the other hand, is a legitimate game developed and published by Nintendo on mobile platforms, and it'll be sprinting onto the scene come Dec. 15.

Super Mario Run

For the initial launch, Super Mario Run will only be available on iOS, with an Android launch scheduled for some point in the future. While there will be a free option available, Nintendo has said from the beginning that they planned on creating games with a price tag attached. As for this first outing, it'll set you back $9.99.

That price is likely causing many-a mobile fan's head to spin, as most folks are used to playing gratis games on their phones. The difference here is that it sounds like Super Mario Run has been developed as a standard game, with none of those mobile hooks like collecting and combining cards, play timers or 47 different in-game currencies to convince players to spend a lot more than 10 bucks on a game over a longer period of time. Instead, Nintendo's model is more akin to what you'll find on their own eShop. Smaller games go for smaller prices, but you pay once and you're done.

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This news went live via press release earlier today, with Nintendo announcing that a sampling of the game's three modes of play will be available for free. If you like what you see, you can pay $9.99 and enjoy the full package. There's always a chance that cosmetic items or additional content will eventually be added for a cost but, for now, Nintendo is only focusing on the core game.

With Shigeru Miyamoto guiding development, it's no surprise that Super Mario Run plays like most of those other runners out there, sounding especially similar to the brilliant Rayman mobile games. Mario will run forward on his own, and it's up to the player to simply tap the screen to make him "jump over obstacles, avoid enemies, pull off stylish moves, collect coins and reach the flagpole to complete courses." Unfortunately, no word yet on what those three modes are, though we're guessing that standard runnin' and jumpin' fills one of the slots. We're guessing a point chase will also be available, but that remains to be seen.

So now we turn it over to our readers. Are you looking forward to Super Mario Run on mobile? How about that $10 price point? Does that make you shy away or would that be reasonable, assuming the game is solid? Let us know in the comments below.

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