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The Binding of Isaac

The Nintendo Switch is shaping up to be quite the system. While we still lack tons of details on the device we are getting a lot of information about what could be launching with the system on day one, and another recent classic may have just been teased for the Nintendo Switch.

Over on the official Binding of Isaac website, the developers announced that Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ will be making its way to PC before 2016 is out and that it will be arriving on consoles in spring of 2017...

Expect Afterbirth+ on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and one more console. Sorry no PS Vita or Wii U versions. Date? Spring 2017

So what's this "one more console" they speak of? Could it be the one and only Nintendo Switch? Well, it's mentioned that the PlayStation Vita and Wii U won't be on the table, so what other console is there? Well, I mean there's the Fuze F1 Chinese gaming console and there's also the possibility of the Nintendo 3DS, even though The Binding of Isaac was previously rejected on the 3DS due to its religious themes, but later on Nintendo managed to open the door for the game on the system. But would they really have to hide that the game is coming to the Nintendo 3DS... again?

The more logical assumption that some people are making is that The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ will likely be a launch title for the Nintendo Switch, since Afterbirth+ is launching in the spring of 2017 and the Switch is launching in March of 2017, in the spring.

It's not a far-fetched idea that Nintendo's system could receive one of the most popular indie games that came out in the last two generations for home consoles and PC. In fact, on Steam alone the original Binding of Isaac has moved more than 3 million units, where-as The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth has sold 1.6 million copies, according to Steam Spy. So it would definitely benefit Nintendo have a strong indie IP like The Binding of Isaac help lure gamers in with the launch of the Nintendo Switch. That's not to mention that diversifying the launch line-up with a rogue-like would be a great way to lure in gamers looking for games just outside the norm.

One thing that it won't have at launch is mod support, though. The developers mentioned that the game's mod support will arrive on the PC version first before 2016 is out, and they'll investigate making tools available for the home console version of The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ at a later date, but the game would not launch on consoles with integrated mod support.

It would be pretty awesome if the Nintendo Switch supported mods, but that's assuming it's the mystery console that they plan on launching the new Binding of Isaac game on. Developer Edmund McMillen will roll out the exact release dates for Afterbirth+ in a few weeks, until then gamers can begin thinking up some mods they might like to work on as well as whether or not the game will actually be a launch title for the Nintendo Switch next year.

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