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Niantic Labs had been long-rumored to be adding new Pokemon to the line-up of catachable pocket monsters in Pokemon Go. Well, it appears as if the rumors are true and that there are more Pokemon set to be added to the mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

Over on the official Pokemon Go website, Niantic Labs made a post indicating that, starting December 12th, they will be releasing new information about the future of Pokemon Go, which includes the first addition of more Pokemon being added into the game.

This news was attached to the revelation that Niantic Labs have partnered up with Sprint, offering gamers 10,500 new PokeStop locations for players to visit. Yes, all of those stores will be PokeStops or Gyms, turning the Sprint and Radioshack stores into new hot spots to earn items and a chance to grow as a trainer.

They use the post as a way to advertise Sprint's network and mobile data plans, while also informing gamers that new locations are available to visit in Pokemon Go in order to get new items and battle for prestige.

This news was also accompanied by the revelation that the rumors about Niantic Labs partnering with Starbucks is true, and that on December 8th the company has made it where 7,800 Starbucks stores within the United States are now transformed into virtual Pokemon Go locations. This was revealed in a blog post where they also announced that a new Pokemon Go Frappuccino is also now available at participating Starbucks cafes, where people can go in and get the themed drink based on Niantic Labs' popular mobile app.

This verifies rumors that recently spread indicating that Starbucks was in fact partnering up with Niantic Labs for Pokemon Go, adding new Gyms and Pokestops to the game, along with an in-game Frappuccino that can only be acquired from visiting the Starbucks locations.

These big partnerships come amidst Niantic's continued efforts to improve the core gameplay by adding in features like the Nearby feature, which allows users to track and find Pokemon a lot easier. It's a replacement for the Tracker that they removed a while back after it had become broken.

The three footprints would get stuck or loop and they ended up taking it out altogether. Third-party app makers decided to make their own tracking software for Pokemon Go, but Niantic was not at all appreciative of that, announcing that those third-party software applications slowed down the game's network and made it inaccessible for a lot of people.

During this time dataminers had been looking through the updates of Pokemon Go and discovered that the app appeared to have 100 or so new Pokemon from Generation 2 that could appear in the game.

Well, after making sponsored deals with corporations and bringing back the tracker with the new Nearby feature, it appears as if Niantic Labs wanted to set a solid foundation first in which to build up the hype before announcing that new Pokemon would be coming to the game. It makes sense from a business point of view, because with the introduction of 100 new Pokemon (assuming that's the actual number of new Pokemon added to the game based on the dataminers' info) then there would likely be a surge of new and returning players for Pokemon Go, and what better way to capitalize on it than by partnering with Starbucks so new players can grab a drink before capturing some new Pokemon or heading to Sprint to get a new phone before hunting down the new generation of pocket monsters?

We'll have to wait until December 12th for the details on which new Pokemon will be added, though.

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