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It sounds like the Pokemon community is going to have to try a lot harder if they want to complete the in-game communal events. The first such event recently wrapped up and, according to reports, they didn't even get close to hitting the global goal.

For folks playing Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, you have likely visited the Festival Plaza at this point. A sort of bizarre training and trading arena for pocket monsters, there's also a place for folks to sign up to take part in community challenges. The first worldwide challenge kicked off in November and recently wrapped up but, unfortunately, it wasn't a success.

According to Gamespot, the announcement from the Pokemon Global Link website may have been a bit forgiving in its description of the outcome. On that site, it's noted that the first mission was called "Catch a lot of Pokemon," and its task was for all players to collectively snag 100 million Pokemon in the wild. The headline for the article says that the goal "was just missed." However, apparently, the Japanese announcement was a bit more forthcoming, explaining that trainers had only managed to rake in about 16.5 million. That's a heck of a lot of Pokemon, but nowhere near the 100 million goal.

It's not surprising that the US announcement is so reserved about the whole thing. We're talking about a game series where even your supposed enemies give you complements following a battle and everyone you practically look at becomes convinced you're the next rising star of the Pokemon world.

We're all for positive reinforcement but, seriously, if we only cleared about a sixth of a given goal, "just missed" might be sugar coating things a bit too much.

When I first read the in-game goal while playing Pokemon Moon, I honestly didn't even flinch at the prospect of the community nabbing 100 million Pokemon. The game is the best-selling entry in the series, after all, and looks to be on track to break additional records to boot. Then again, I didn't take into account that you first had to go through a pretty silly registration process to even take part in the competition and that many younger players would likely bypass that completely. As for the more experienced crowd, they seem more interested in breeding ultra-Pokemon rather than catching them in the wild.

The good news is that, even though the goal was not reached, trainers the world over will be getting a consolation prize. So long as you added to the communal total in one way or another, you can claim 100 Festival Coins as a reward the next time you boot up Pokemon Sun or Moon.

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