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Say what you will about Pokemon Go, that game sure has gotten folks to get off the couch and start walking around their neighborhoods, communities, malls and the like. But how far, combined, have we all walked together? Well, Niantic has your answer.

According to a recent video posted on the Youtube page for Pokemon Go, players have walked a whopping 8.7 billion kilometers since the game's launch over the summer. If you're wondering just how far that is in distances we can more easily comprehend, you only need to give a gander to the video's title, "200,000 trips around the Earth." So, yeah, if there's an award for tricking people into living healthier lives, it should definitely go to Niantic and Pokemon Go.

Honestly, that's kind of an insane number once you really start thinking about it. I mean, sure, some folks have "walked" while driving slowly in the car, on a bike, or even with their phone attached to a drone, but we'd wager a guess that most folks playing Pokemon Go are doing so legitimately.

And if 200,000 times around the Earth still isn't computing, then how about the fact that, at that distance, you could literally walk further than necessary to go from Earth all the way to Pluto. The video's description gives another interesting tidbit: A commercial jetliner would take more than 1,000-freaking-years to cover that same distance. So, yeah, there were a lot of people doing a lot of walking this past six months.

In all that time of playing Pokemon Go, it was revealed that trainers caught more than 88 billion Pokemon which, again, is pretty insane. That's more than 533 million Pokemon caught per day. We imagine that, what with all of the recent updates making the game better than ever, the holiday season will result in even more impressive feats as families come together and decide to go on PokeWalks together.

We know it's easy to take shots at Pokemon Go these days. The game became a victim of its own success, with everyone talking about it so much that, at a certain point, it became easier to just roll your eyes than pay it much attention. There's also the fact that, at launch, there wasn't a heck of a lot of "game" outside of walking and catching Pokemon. Heck, there's not too much beyond that even today. But you can't deny the phenomenon that the game started out as and, to some extent, remains. I mean, seriously, that's a ridiculous amount of walking. I get winded just thinking about it.

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