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Someone claiming to have leaked documents of Nintendo Switch accessories have posted up images of these documents online. The images hint at possible games due for release on Nintendo's new console.

There's a smattering of images posted up on the Twitter feed of DroidXAce. He considers himself a gamer and a technophile. He doesn't work with Nintendo, he's not a journalist for a major website, and he doesn't provide any credentials on how he obtained these supposed leaks or any kind of certification that they're real. In other words, take everything you see on that account regarding "leaked" Nintendo Switch accessories with a grain of salt.

The most interesting image out of them all is most certainly the one with the Hori Real Arcade Pro Fight Stick. It features eight buttons and a start button. It has a listed price of €149.99. The reason this particular accessory stands out is because there hasn't been an announced fighting game for the Nintendo Switch... yet.

There are a few notable developers already signed on to produce games for the Nintendo Switch who are known for making fighting games, though. This includes Capcom and their Street Fighter series, Bandai Namco who makes Dragon Ball Z and Naruto Shippuden titles (and that's also not to mention that just last year they released Pokken Tournament for the Wii U, so it wouldn't be surprising if they had a version made for the Nintendo Switch as well), Sega with Virtua Fighter, Arc System Works has Guilty Gear Xrd, Atlus with King of Fighters XIV, and there's also Warner Bros., Interactive Entertainment. You might be wondering what the significance of WB would be in a list for fighting games, but keep in mind that they publish the Mortal Kombat games and they're also publishing NetherRealm Studios' upcoming Injustice 2, which is due for release on May 16th, 2017.

Usually, though, when a fight stick is made available for a console by a third-party it's because an eSports-ready, popular FGC game is coming to the console. So given the deep pedigree of the publishers and developers involved with the Nintendo Switch, there's a hefty helping of possibilities that we might see appear on the Switch, assuming the Hori arcade stick press sheet is real.

Another interesting accessory is the LAN adapter. This likely means the Nintendo Switch will launch without one?

It would be an interesting decision to not have a LAN port at launch, but we'll likely get details on the system's internet compatibility during the live-stream on January 12th. And barring any info on the internet connectivity, we'll likely find out exactly what the details of the hardware will be like during the Treehouse live-stream the following morning on January 13th.

However, out of all of the accessories that supposedly leaked from Hori, the fight stick is definitely one of the more intriguing items. Given the Nintendo Switch's capability to run console renditions of the Unreal Engine 4, and seeing Arc System Works on the list of developers, it definitely gets me giddy thinking about seeing the Unreal Engine-powered Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- on the Switch. That would be a real surprise for gamers, and it's a real possibility given the hardware setup and the fact that Revelator is already available on PS4 and PC. Anyway, we'll find out exactly what games will come to the Nintendo Switch when Nintendo rolls out the big reveal tomorrow.

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