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Everyone is gearing up for the big Nintendo Switch event this evening, followed by the Nintendo Treehouse presentation Friday morning. And if you're sold on the new console at that time, you might be able to go ahead and set up a pre-order, too.

In traditional Nintendo fashion, it's starting to sound like the Switch will be a bit scarce when it launches this March. While full pre-order details are not available yet, Nintendo's New York-based store has announced that folks will be able to reserve their gaming machine starting Friday morning.

There's no telling what Nintendo's idea of a "limited quantity" is but, since they can't ever seem to figure out how many new and shiny things they need to produce, we're guessing the total will be five. All joking aside, we figure this is all in anticipation of a big launch event and they want to make sure they've got a handle on crowd control before things get rolling. The pre-orders will be available Friday morning at 9 a.m. from the Nintendo New York store, so we don't recommend trying to reserve a Switch at that time unless you plan on being there.

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This will, of course, follow tonight's big Switch reveal. We're expecting everything from a final price point, to more launch details and even a lineup of games folks can expect to play on day one. Since consoles have become much more than just game boxes, we wouldn't mind hearing if other services, like Netflix, Pandora and Nintendo's own eShop, will be ready to roll at launch. We've already provided the full details for tonight's show and Friday's Treehouse, in case you need a refresher. As for the Treehouse, which takes place around the time of the pre-order launch for the New York store, expect a more in-depth look at the games announced during tonight's presentation.

Obviously, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be a huge focus during both events, but we really hope that Nintendo remembers a single game does not a successful console launch make. Rumors are circulating about a new Mario game, as well as Switch reboots of popular Wii U titles like Smash Bros, Mario Kart and Splatoon. That's all well and good but, again, we're really hoping for some big surprises peppered throughout. Nintendo apparently has a lot of developers working on Switch titles, so we've got our fingers crossed that last-gen remakes and Zelda won't be the bulk of the show.

If it sounds like we're bing a bit wary, it's only because we really, really want Nintendo to do something big with the Switch and that's got us feeling apprehensive. The Wii U was a disappointment for many, and we'd love to have a reason to be excited for a Nintendo home console once again. Here's hoping that, if things go well, we also hear about other ways to pre-order in the not-too-distant future.

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