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Animal Crossing

Nintendo's foray into mobile gaming has been fairly successful with games like Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run. Well, they're adding to their line-up with a couple of other big releases, but one of those releases just got delayed.

Game Informer is reporting that Nintendo has revealed that one of their upcoming mobile titles, Animal Crossing, has been delayed for mobile devices so that they can focus more on the mobile version of Fire Emblem to prep it for release.

The news actually comes from Nintendo's third-quarter financials, which is available over on the official Nintendo Japan website. The stats reveal that Nintendo has moved Animal Crossing out of the fourth quarter of 2017 into the next fiscal year of 2018, which begins in April of this year. So somewhere between this spring and next spring in 2018 Nintendo will release the next Animal Crossing game, and the first game in the series to be made available for iOS and Android devices.

And speaking of Android devices, Nintendo is also prepping for the release of Super Mario Run on Android smartphones and tablets. The game originally came out back in December of 2016 for Apple's iOS-powered smart devices, making waves for having tens of millions of people downloading it over the course of days, and just recently they managed to hit more than 78 million downloads of Super Mario Run.

The delay for Animal Crossing isn't too bad. They're still raking in money from Super Mario Run and earning dividends on Pokemon Go, so it's not as if their mobile endeavors are hurting. Having Fire Emblem launch next seems like an okay move. The game is definitely more popular amongst the core JRPG fans than casuals, and I have no idea how well a game like that is going to go down with a mass phone audience. They would really have to change some of the core aspects to dumb it down a bit to appeal to casuals, because there's no way average mobile phone users are going to want to invest the time and energy required to really get satisfaction out of a Fire Emblem game on their phone.

Alternatively, it does seem odd that they would prioritize Fire Emblem over Animal Crossing given that even though I'm no fan of the latter, all I can see are dollar signs with Animal Crossing being made available on mobile devices. That game is a money printing machine for Nintendo waiting to happen.

The game, opposite of its tactical JRPG relative, is ripe for exploitation on mobile devices. Animal Crossing is about living your life in an idyllic town, giving funny looking characters gifts, attending events, and ultimately partaking in a social simulator of sorts. It's likely to appeal to the same crowd of people who love games like The Sims.

Of course, there's also the possibility that Nintendo is investing more time and energy into bringing a really robust and thoroughly engaging rendition of Animal Crossing to mobile devices, hence the delay.

We'll have to wait on Nintendo to explain when the game will be made available for mobile devices. However, they're probably less concerned with the social sim than trying to make sure that the Nintendo Switch sells like crazy when it launches this March.

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