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Pokemon Sun and Moon

Nintendo has been intent on getting gamers to partake in world events that they setup for Pokemon Sun and Moon for the Nintendo 3DS. The previous events, labeled as "Global Missions", haven't gone over so well... until now.

The Pokemon Sun and Moon players just beat a global mission, finally. As reported by Polygon, the third global mission hosted by Nintendo was completed by the community after the first two events failed miserably.

The mission centered on utilizing the Global Trade System to globally trade up to 1 million Pokemon within the span of two weeks. You know how gamers hate failure, right? Well, failing twice was enough to spur the Pokemon gaming community into action, resulting in them managing to overcome the odds and complete the task within just four days.

This came after two previous global missions that didn't quite pan out. The first global mission took place back in early December shortly after Pokemon Sun and Moon launched for the Nintendo 3DS. The first mission involved capturing more than a 100 million Pokemon by December 13th, but it failed in spectacular fashion. Only 16% of the goal was complete by the time the first event wrapped up, showcasing a rather poor showing by all of those who participated in the event.

The next event took place between December 27th and January 9th; they tried it again, attempting to get Pokemon Sun and Moon players to partake in the global mission and capture 1 million Pokemon. The event, once again, came up short.

Third time's the charm they say, and it seemed to work because the community worked together from around the world to trade as many Pokemon as possible when the global mission kicked into high gear. Instead of just lounging around and trading with randos, the Pokemon gaming community began using community portals to organize trade events and get any and everyone they could on board to work together and meet the goal. Surprisingly, the team coordination and efforts between gamers the world around actually worked!

They managed to trade up to a million Pokemon within Pokemon Sun and Moon over the course of four days, with 10 days to spare.

In result, gamers were rewarded with 2,000 Festival Coins that can be used in the Festival Plaza mini-game feature that's set in its own little world. Polygon is also reporting that there's an extra bonus milestone for gamers to achieve as well, and if gamers can trade more than 2 million Pokemon before February 14th there will be a Friend Ball rewarded to players who participate.

Now that the Pokemon Sun and Moon community are on their game and are hitting strides by working together and completing the global tasks, one has to question if this will become a trend and if the next time Nintendo decides to host a global event the community will knock it out of the park like aces?

As the games continue to sell and the overall Pokemon Sun and Moon user base continues to grow I'm sure better coordination and success will be had the next time a global mission is rolled out.

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