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If you've ever wondered what it would be like to fire a burst of energy out of your hands, Capcom has you covered. It looks like they're working on something for the Nintendo Switch that lets players take on the role of their favorite Street Fighter characters.

We set up the above video so that it drops you straight into the bit about Street Fighter on the Nintendo Switch, which was revealed during a recent three-hour broadcast of Capcom TV. Other than the Street Fighter, you can scan through for extra footage of games like Resident Evil VII and even Monster Hunter Frontier Z, the semi-MMO set within the popular game world that, unfathomably, has not launched in the U.S.

Unfortunately, our translation skills aren't up to snuff, so it's hard for us to figure out what, exactly, is going on here with Street Fighter on the Switch. This appears to be a special mode as part of the upcoming Ultra Street Fighter 2 that is on its way to the Switch from Capcom.

What we do know is that the Street Fighter scenes open on a player using the Switch controllers to throw a Hadouken as Ryu. Standing in front of the player is a trio of Bison's, who are all leveled by the blast. A score screen pops up next, giving the player a rating in the areas of Active Point, Clear Time and Max Combo.

Next up, we get a peek at a stage select screen with options for Beginner, Standard, and Extra. After resetting the reading on the controllers, the player is dropped into a dojo with a pair of enemies. While their first attempt at a Hadouken is read as a punch, the second hits its mark and an enemy falls to the ground. More enemies drop into the stage and the player is left to punch or hurl fireballs at them in order to clear the stage as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, it looks like there were some issues with the game reading what the player was doing, but we do eventually get to see a spinning kick performed by shaking the two controllers side to side.

Based on this, we're really looking forward to Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers, which is heading to the Switch at some unknown point in the future. The team at Capcom TV play a bit of the game next, which is set to be a sort of director's cut of the OG fighter. It'll include new characters Evil Ryu and Violent Ken, as well as the ability to switch between pixel graphics and a smoother, more animated look. There's also going to be some sort of cooperative mode where players can work together to trounce a single enemy. The first-person Street Fighter mode would probably fit into that package nicely.

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