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Few weeks go by without Sony announcing some sort of sale on the PlayStation Network, and this weekend is no different. The latest flash sale should get your blood pumping, as you'll have a limited time to save a whole bunch of money on games with a distinct action-heavy flair.

Yes, the PlayStation Network's latest flash sale has gone live, with discounts on dozens of games available until 8 a.m. PT on Monday, Feb. 20. In other words, you've only got through the weekend to make your purchasing decisions, so, time to break out the calculator and start doing some budgeting, because you can start saving on more than 100 games and 183 television shows and movies over the next few days.

The big standout, to me, is Bloodborne: Complete Edition Bundle for a mere $17.49. That includes the entire, hard-as-nails game, as well as its impressive DLC chapter that bolts a whole bunch of extra content onto the campaign.

Also grabbing my eye is the criminally overlooked Transformers: Devastation, which can be yours for just $14.79. That particular game is a well-crafted love letter to the classic animated series, with lightning-fast combat only the team at Platinum Games can pull off so spectacularly.

You'll want to drop by the flash sale's full listing, as there are far too many titles to list here, but additional highlights include various incarnations of Grand Theft Auto V and The Elder Scrolls Online, as well as PS4 versions of Dark Souls II and DMC for just $11.99 each.

Both Marvel Ultimate Alliance games for the PS4 are marked down to $17.59, with PS4 launch title inFamous: Second Son as low as $7.99. That's the same price you'll be expected to pay for Shadow of Mordor: Game of the Year Edition, while games like Retro City Rampage and Shantae: Risky's Revenge will set you back $2.49 and $2.99 respectively.

From indie to AAA, gritty to colorful, action titles of just about every ilk are on display in this weekend's flash sale. And, as mentioned above, there are a whole bunch of action-heavy movies and TV shows on the cheap as part of the sale, too, so be sure to check those out if you're building a digital library.

And, don't forget that a free week of online gaming kicked off on PlayStation 4 starting today, Feb. 17. Between now and Feb. 23, anyone and everyone can enjoy online gaming without being a member of PlayStation Plus. That's basically perfect timing for some games in this sale, such as Grand Theft Auto V and The Elder Scrolls Online. You can buy the games now and play them online through next Thursday without having to pony up the extra cash for PlayStation Plus.

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