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Pokemon Go has become a part of the critter-catching ecosystem, so it makes sense that they would have a special promotion planned for the upcoming Pokemon Day. Prepare yourself for a lightning rat wearing an adorable hat.

If you've fired up Pokemon Go already today, then there's a chance you've already seen Niantic's promotion for Pokemon Day in Pokemon Go. That is, of course, only if you've come upon a Pikachu within the game world.

Between now and March 6, every Pikachu in Pokemon Go will be wearing a festive party hat. If you catch said Pokemon wearing said hat and manage to add them to your collection, they'll be wearing that hat from now on. So consider it a special edition of the Pokemon mascot now included in your virtual army of pocket-sized monsters.

pikachu wearing party hat in Pokemon Go

The announcement of Pikachu's party gear went out late last week on the Pokemon blog. As noted above, the event began today at 1 p.m. PST and will run through March 6, also at 1 p.m. PST. And, again, every Pikachu you encounter in the game should be wearing the "festive hat," so be sure to track one of those adorable creatures down before next week.

For those looking to make a special event out of the game's, um, special event, you'll probably want to go on a Poke-walk Feb. 27, as that's the actual Pokemon Day. Hard to believe, but that's the 21st birthday of the beloved series, with the original games hitting store shelves in Japan way back in 1996. So if Pokemon were a person, they would have reached drinking age here in the U.S. at this point. We're not sure if that's impressive or super depressing, but we want to congratulate The Pokemon Company all the same.

For those of you still following the current happenings in Pokemon Go, you are likely sensing a pattern when it comes to how the game will celebrate special events. While Halloween saw more ghost-type Pokemon appearing in the wild, the December holiday celebration boated a Pikachu wearing a Santa hat. If things keep going this way, we imagine you could have a pretty impressive army of festively hatted Pikachu in another year or so.

In case you're worried about evolving that party-hat-wearing Pikachu, we remind you that the Santa-chu was able to evolve into Raichu and keep his hat intact. Since Niantic is specifically saying that the party hat will stick with Pikachu "forever," we imagine it's safe to evolve your new critter without fear. Still, maybe grab a spare before you do anything drastic.

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