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Nintendo's Snipperclips is one of the early games that was moved up to be a release title for the Nintendo Switch, the company's newly released hybrid gaming device that bounces back and forth between a portable device and a home console. Thanks to a recently uploaded video, you can see what the gameplay is like for the new party-game exclusive on the Switch.

The video was uploaded by YouTube user NintenDaan. The footage totals close to 11 minutes worth of gameplay, giving gamers a thorough look at the new title.

The game hasn't been at the top of Nintendo's priorities for promotion, so a lot of people may not have seen actual gameplay of Snipperclips for the Nintendo Switch. NintenDaan starts right from the main menu, giving gamers a look at the main menu where the number of players can be chosen, for anywhere between one and two players. If you play alone you'll have to use both Joy-Con controllers to control the two snippers.

The tutorial shows gamers how to move and clip the other other character. Players can snip the various pieces of the other player in order to solve the puzzles.

The early puzzles are tackled by NintenDaan, which is a little difficult for a single player given that it requires a lot of switching back and forth between both characters. You can see how hard things begin to get when challenges like trying to get a lightning bug into a lamp becomes a real challenge.

The game is actually designed to be played with anywhere between two and four players. In the two player mode you can use a single Nintendo Switch and have one person use the left Joy-Con while another person uses the right Joy-Con.

It's an unorthodox game, but it fits perfectly into the wheelhouse of many of Nintendo's other casual games that take unique approaches to gameplay design. For instance, some of the mini-games in Snipperclips requires players to put baseballs in hoops, or press buttons, while other mini-games include popping balloons. In order to pop the balloons, however, players must turn one of the snippers into a pointed object so that they can jump up and prick the balloons. It's certainly not the sort of thing I ever would have thought of, but it's nice to see Nintendo stepping outside the box to offer gamers something truly unique.

Even though Snipperclips hasn't been widely advertised like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it's still out and available right now for the Nintendo Switch for only $19.99. You can either pick up a digital copy from the Nintendo eShop or pick up a physical version of the game from your local retailer.

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