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Gun Media and IllFonic have been showcasing new footage and gameplay for Friday The 13th: The Game at this year's PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts. If you weren't lucky enough to attend in person, there's a cool new video up showcasing what you missed out on.

The footage went live up on IGN's YouTube channel, giving gamers four whole minutes of some gruesome new gameplay for the title, along with showing off one of the new settings.

We first get some cool, 1980's style logo intros for Gun Media and IllFonic before it transitions into flyby scenes for the new map in Friday The 13th: The Game. The trailer is set to a cool hard rock song called "Killer".

The entire trailer is actually put together like a music video, which is pretty cool. We see things like Jason using his bare hands to piledrive a camp counselor into the ground. We also see him perform a backbreaker on another counselor.

They also showcase a variety of weapons on display. Jason takes his time with a pickaxe, firmly planting the sharp end into the face of one unfortunate victim, while another gets a wood-cutting axe to the chest and then cleanly gets decapitated thereafter.

A lot of the kills are very fitting for the Jason Voorhees character, and fits right in with the Friday The 13th series. It's pretty cool that they didn't try to overdo it with super over-the-top fatalities. It's not SAW or Mortal Kombat XL. Sure, it's gory and sure there's a lot of limb loss, but it's all done within the context of a 1980's slasher flick. Thematic kills, is more like it.

And speaking of the films... the trailer shows some of Jason's other kills that he used throughout the series, including a machete stab through the heart, punching through the chest of one teenager, and even impaling someone on a spear. One of the coolest kills is when Jason kicks one counselor away from him, only for the counselor to chuckle in glee as if he's gotten off easy. Jason, however, sets him up and throws the axe straight into his head... he then slowly walks over, unwedges the axe from the counselor's skull and then walks away. No matter what you think of the game itself, the kill animations are absolutely top notch in this game.

Throughout the trailer we also get to see different outfits that Jason wears, including Zombie Jason, Utility Jason, Jumpsuit Jason and the Baghead Jason. Some of his outfits look really cool, and are a nice throwback to the classic films.

The comment section for the Friday The 13th trailer shows a ton of positivity for the game. Many gamers can't wait for a release date so they can pick up a copy. Also, surprisingly enough, there are a lot of people in the comments also asking about a Nintendo Switch port. I guess Nintendo is doing something right, eh?

Pre-orders for Friday The 13th: The Game are currently available, but a solid release date hasn't been set yet.

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