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The Nintendo Switch has only been out a month, which means retailers all over the world are having trouble keeping the home/portable console hybrid in stock. If you act quickly, though, you might be able to snag one as of today.

According to a report from Gamespot, retailer Toys 'R Us is reporting an expected shipment of Nintendo Switch consoles as of today, Sunday, April 9. We don't know which stores are expected to get them, how many they are expecting to receive, or when they are expected to arrive, so you might want to hop on the phone with your closest site and ask for some specifics.

Obviously, the consoles are expected to disappear off of the shelves before they even get a chance to collect a single speck of dust, so it's still going to be a wild goose hunt out there. Unfortunately, no other retailer has restock information at this time so, if you miss out again, it looks like you'll be on hold for a while.

What's most surprising to us is that this is surprising to anyone. Even consoles that go on to tank, like the Wii U, sell out everywhere when they first launch. Similarly, the things never stay on the shelves for the first several months, as they usually get drip-fed to retailers in miniscule numbers. Eventually, though, things always level out and you'll be able to walk into pretty much any store that carries games and grab one straight off of the shelf.

Supply of new consoles is super limited at launch, and that's always been the case. Just be patient and, we assure you, your day with the Switch will come.

In the meantime, though, you can spread out the financial drain by picking up some Switch-related games and such piece meal. If you don't want to punch your wallet in the gut all at once the day you finally find a Switch, why not go pick up Breath of the Wild right now, even if you don't own the console? Maybe, in a couple weeks, you can grab that Pro controller or some extra Joy-Cons. Then, when you finally walk into Target and see a Switch on the shelf, you won't have to worry about whether or not anything else is in stock, and you can simply grab the console and head home to play. Just an idea.

The good news is, Nintendo appears to be very aware of the demand for the Switch right now and plan on getting consoles out the door as quickly as possible. Here's hoping that the long wait for folks who didn't snag one on launch day will soon be coming to a close.

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