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Niantic Labs has managed to retain one of the strongest and most valuable player bases in the world for Pokemon Go, making it one of the most popular and most lucrative mobile apps on the market today. They're not done with the game either, not by a long shot... and they've hinted at what's next for the game.

The Pokemon Go Hub came across two interesting bits of information. There were rumors spreading that two new features were coming to Pokemon Go, a new cooperative mode and Gym raids. While rumors seem like a waste of time for a game like Pokemon Go given how popular the game is and how often people simply make stuff up for the game... it turns out that Niantic really does have cooperative features planned for the game.

They report that Niantic Labs recently confirmed that this spring they do plan on bringing new cooperative activities to Pokemon Go, which was mentioned over on their official website.

They explicitly state...

We're still at the beginning of the journey and there's a lot more to come. With spring arriving in the northern hemisphere, players can look forward to all new cooperative social gameplay experiences in Pokemon Go that will give Trainers new and exciting reasons to get back into the sunshine

They don't say what this cooperative social gameplay will be, but many are hoping for something that will give Pokemon Go a bit something like trading or team battles, which could be pretty cool. In fact, team battles would open up an all new way to play with friends and take on challenges.Typically, though, the team battles are associated with Gym battles in tournaments.

And this leads to the next bit of info that the Pokemon Go Hub discussed: Gym raids.

If team battles really are added to the game then it would make sense that Gym raids would be the next logical step for Pokemon Go. This would allow teams to attack Gyms and attempt to take them over.

Of course... they mention in the article that there is no confirmation about the Gym raids. They only came across it after some within the development community came across messages in Pokemon Go supposedly related to Gym raids.

Niantic Labs have slowly been adding in features that are typical in the standard portable versions of the Pokemon games available on Nintendo's handheld devices.

Regardless of what the game lacked at launch, Niantic is steadily adding new content and expanding the reach by slowly upgrading the mobile experience to include a lot of what made the game series popular all those years ago (and continues to maintain its popularity even to this day).

Despite some of the hiccups with the crimes, dead bodies, accidents, car crashes and some officials issuing decrees to keep Pokemon Go out of their cities, the game has still managed to find itself in the rare pantheon of one of the most lucrative and profitable mobile apps currently available on the market.

Now we just have to wait at some point throughout spring to see what this new cooperative feature is for the game.

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