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Pokemon Go

The Easter event for Pokemon Go is going on right now and will last up until next Thursday, April 20th. This gives gamers a full week to cash in on the event and stock up on a bunch of different eggs within the mobile title.

The event centers around an increase in Pokemon hatching from the two-kilometer eggs. This means the more eggs you have the quicker they will hatch as you travel for just two kilometers.

In addition to more eggs hatching more Pokemon, the Pokemon Go event will also see more candy being made available from the eggs as well. They also have a discount on Lucky Egg items in the cash shop, so gamers looking to get their hands on the items will be able to do so with ease... and cheaply.

Polygon notes that this event has arrived shortly after the Magikarp event from the Water Festival that took place back in March.

Before that, Niantic Labs had also performed some Valentine's Day events and released some Christmas themed content as well.

It's surprising that a mobile game like this has managed to capture the attention of the public and last for as long as it has. Pokemon Go has really become a force to be reckoned with within the mobile gaming space. In fact, they revealed that there are still more than 65 million active players regularly staying engaged with the game.

One way that Niantic has been able to keep players coming back for more is by regularly releasing events and by rolling out new content for the mobile game frequently. A lot of people were curious about the generation 2 Pokemon, and Niantic made sure that they supplied those Pokemon (eventually) in order to revitalize interest in the game after it seemed as if popularity was waning.

In the mobile game space there's always the issue of some new game coming in and taking all the thunder away. So far Pokemon Go hasn't had to deal with that quite yet on a global scale because it's the only game on mobile devices of its kind, and it uses some rather complex networking infrastructure supplied by Google that makes it difficult for a lot of other lower-level design studios to mimic and clone the formula. It would actually require a lot of work and effort to match what Niantic has accomplished with Pokemon Go.

So long as they keep rolling out new Pokemon to catch, and they keep the events flowing in for the game at regular intervals, they shouldn't have to worry too much about any potential copycats or even losing too many of their users.

If you want to check out the latest event for Pokemon Go you'll likely want to do so now before the Easter event wraps up next Thursday on April 20th.

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