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One of the upcoming games for the Sony PlayStation VR is the exclusive Farpoint, a first-person shooter designed with the VR gun peripheral in mind. Sony recently released a new trailer for the game, which makes it look like the most intense VR game so far.

Due out for release on May 16th, the trailer that was posted up on the official PlayStation YouTube channel depicts a high-octane, visually overwhelming gameplay experience for PSVR owners.

The trailer starts by introducing two of the scientists on a recon mission. Things don't go well for the recon crew and the duo end up stranded on a planet where they have to explore and traverse through the strange alien world.

The images in the video depict Farpoint as a game that isn't just about shooting. Things seem to start off with a strong focus on exploration. It's hard to tell but I'm curious if the game features actual locomotion? They don't mention it over on the official website, and the trailer doesn't really seem to delve into that aspect of the actual gameplay.

A lot of PSVR titles avoid actually having players walk around, and instead, movement is handled by teleportation or vehicular transport, sort of like the Until Dawn shooting-gallery game.

Halfway through the trailer things begin to pick up and we begin to see more of the action taking shape. What starts off looking like Interstellar eventually turns into Aliens.

There's definitely a strong sense of tying in narrative threads with the actual on-the-ground action. They seem to want to give players something to sink their teeth into instead of just going around shooting like the old Virtua Cop or Time Crisis series. The trailer even ends on a cliffhanger, where one of the survivors asks if the player-character knows who she is. It makes you wonder what's really going on?

They also hint that maybe Earth is no longer home. So obviously it makes you wonder what happened to Earth?

As far as the action is concerned, we see aliens, mechs, robots and various other creatures and entities giving the player-character a tough time as they journey through the hostile planet. Farpoint seems to mix intense survival-shooting with a progressive story about rescuing the other crew members and getting off the planet.

Parts of the game seems similar to The Turing Test, while another aspect of the game reminds me a little bit of the combat from Mass Effect: Andromeda. That's not too bad of a mix if you're looking for a sci-fi adventure with a bit of weight to it.

You can look for Farpoint to launch next month for the PS4 as a standalone game, or grab it as part of the PlayStation VR Aim Controller bundle.

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