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One of the biggest gaming phenomenon to hit the market during the holiday season in 2016 was the Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition. The mini-console was a blockbuster, runaway success, and now Nintendo is possibly looking to tap another popular console for resurgence... the SNES.

According to a report from Eurogamer, someone close to Nintendo revealed to them that the reason Nintendo isn't high up on resuming production of the NES Classic Edition is because they have plans on producing a SNES Classic Edition instead. Why waste resources on gold when you could attain platinum?

The idea is to re-release many of the SNES classic games in a single mini-console. The device is reportedly in development at the moment and they will supposedly be releasing the console during the holiday period, identical to when they released the surprise hit that was the NES Classic Edition.

They had moved well over a million units of the NES Classic Edition, completely taking the heads at Nintendo by surprise. The company feels they could better leverage the SNES Classic Edition, which seems to be the reason why they decided not to put more resources into producing the NES Classic Edition.

They did note on the websites for certain regions that they either will continue production of the NES Classic at a later date or notify users if they choose to continue production. Many rumors are swirling that they may manufacture more Famicom Classic Edition units for Japan at a later date, but that seems to be a bit questionable now knowing that the SNES Classic Edition could be on the way.

The response from the gaming community has been extremely positive so far. A lot of people can't wait to get their hands on a SNES Classic Edition if it turns out to be true.

Eurogamer is notorious for usually nailing their rumors down, so there are very few reasons to doubt the possibility of a SNES Classic Edition, but this also opens up another avenue of discussion: what games will they include and how much will the system cost?

The NES mini-console contained 30 games from the system's library from more than 30 years ago. 30 games for $60 seemed to be a sweet spot for a lot of customers because a lot of people wanted to play the classics for a cheap price.

For the SNES Classic Edition, things would be a bit different. The SNES was a 16-bit console with a ton of high-quality, memorable games that are still bought and played to this very day. They have some of the most iconic games ever made, from Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI (which is still regarded by some as the best Final Fantasy game ever made) to Super Mario Kart and Super Mario World, the system was filled with absolute, pure classics. Super Metroid made Samus a household legend, and Star Fox put the slick starfighter on the map as one of the best space pilots in fiction.

It's going to be hard for Nintendo to limit the selection of SNES Classic Edition titles and keep the system affordable with an appropriate price that doesn't undercut the value of the games nor infringes on the market momentum of the Nintendo Switch.

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