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Sony is gearing up to shut down several servers in the coming months, bringing the online era for six games to a close. But while most of those titles are well past their prime, one hasn't even been online for a full year.

Online functionality for half of a dozen Sony games will end this year, including High Velocity Bowling, Medieval Moves: Dedmund's Quest, Sports Champions, Sports Champions 2, Modnation Racers: Road Trip and Kill Strain. As noted above, one of these things is not like the others in that Kill Strain has only been around since 2016. We'll chat more about each of these games in a moment but, for now, the deets.

Now that you know which games will be losing online support, the only major question remaining is when will they be shut down? Thankfully, Sony gave everyone a solid heads up here, as servers for each of the above games won't be turned off until Saturday, July 1. If you're looking to get in some gaming as a sort of final farewell before everything goes dark, you've got a little over two months to do exactly that.

So why are these games having their online cord pulled? While Sony didn't offer an explanation themselves, VG24/7 says what we're all thinking; they're no longer (or maybe never were) all that popular. You've got to keep in mind that four of the games on this list are from the PlayStation 3 era and another one is an older Vita title.

Kill Strain, though, was a bit of a surprise. That game was revealed back in 2014 and didn't finally arrive until last year. By the time the servers go offline, it'll be about one year old. Unfortunately, this particular game had a heck of a lot stacked against it. For starters, it's a free-to-play MOBA, a genre that's already getting a bit oversaturated on consoles. We're not saying we don't enjoy seeing more and more MOBAs make it onto consoles, just that you have to bring something pretty special to the table if you're aiming to compete.

Apparently, Kill Strain didn't have enough going for it to draw folks away from the likes of SMITE and Paragon. It certainly seemed to have a couple of interesting twists thrown into the usual MOBA formula, but not enough to make anyone want to stick around. Without an active community, this kind of game can fizzle pretty quickly.

As for the remainder of the cut games, it was simply their time. Modnation Racers: Road Trip offered a cool mix of Mario Kart and LittleBigPlanet, but the portable romp wasn't quite as impressive of its similarly mostly ignored PS3 counterpart.

Those other four games are all PlayStation Move titles. While Modnation at least offered online races and creation sharing, all of those Move games were primarily online for leaderboards. Some had competitive features, but I don't think they were ever bustling.

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