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The Division

Ubisoft is aiming to lure in more players this weekend for their third-person MMO shooter, The Division. The free weekend will give gamers a small taste of what they can experience in one of the biggest games released last year.

Over on the official website for Ubisoft's The Division, they roll out some brief details on what you can expect from the free weekend, including the fact that the event will take place between May 4th and May 7th.

The free weekend will grant Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 owners full, free access to The Division over the course of a few days. Both the Xbox One and PS4 systems will have access to the game starting on 12:01 a.m. Pacific Standard Time on May 4th, 2017 and the access to the game will end at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on May 7th. This means you'll have from Thursday night to near the strike of midnight at the dawn of May 8th to play through the entirety of The Division, or for as much as your free time would afford you.

PC gamers have slightly different time slots to engage with, as their free weekend starts on May 4th at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time and it ends on May 7th at 1 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. So, you have slightly less time on PC to get in on the action and try out The Division.

It's a little weird that they have different times, but that's how the dice fall for each of the platforms.

In addition to the free weekend, there's also a sale for the game where there's 65% off of the full game during the time of the free weekend taking place. For Xbox One owners, you'll have up until May 8th to get the game on sale. If you have Xbox Live Gold then you'll have up until May 15th to get your hands on The Division. PlayStation and PC gamers will be able to get the game for 65% off regardless of their subscription levels, all the way up until May 15th. So, basically, non-Xbox Live Gold subscribers are really getting the short end of the deal in this situation.

The Division: Gold Edition is also discounted as well, marked down to $35.99 on Xbox One, and down to $31.49 on both PS4 and PC. It's a little odd that, in this situation, Xbox gamers just keep ending up with the short end of the stick for some reason.

Anyway, the free weekend will be available across all the major territories where the game is sold, including EMEA territories, Oceania regions, Asia and the Americas.

If you still have a leftover download of the free trial of The Division from when Ubisoft last held a free trial, it will still work when the free trial gets underway this weekend. It might have to undergo some updates, however.

Additionally, all progress made during the free trial period will carryover if you decide to purchase the full game after the trial ends.

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