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Pokemon Sun and Moon

Nintendo has managed to land some deals for Pokemon Sun and Moon, enabling gamers to get their hands on a free Pokemon for a limited time as part of an exclusive deal. The new Pokemon can be acquired by carrying out a few simple steps.

According to Gamespot, gamers will be able to get their hands on a free Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon. The free Pokemon is the Midnight form of Lycanroc, and you'll only be able to get the Pokemon from select GameStop stores between May 15th and June 5th. In order to get the Pokemon, you'll have to visit your local GameStop and they will supply you with a serial code that you can use to unlock the Midnight Lycanroc.

In order to access the special Pokemon in the game you have to boot up Pokemon Sun or Moon and select the Mystery Gift option from the game's main menu screen. From there, you need to select to retrieve your gift via code. Input the code when prompted and then you will need to visit the deliveryman in the actual game from one of the Pokemon Centers.

The Lycanroc originally is a basic Rock type and is classified as a wolf species. The Lycanroc can evolve into a midnight form or a midday form, depending on if you have Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon.

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The one version that you get from GameStop as part of the free Pokemon promotion will come with the basic moves, including Stone Edge, Fire Fang, Sucker Punch and Swords Dance, but they mention in the article that there's an additional Life Orb that Lycanroc comes equipped with along with the "No Guard" ability.

The No Guard move is actually really useful because it can prevent both the Lycanroc and its opponent from carrying out defenses against attacks. This move literally removes the ability to guard against incoming moves. It's a dangerous gamble if your opponent has really powerful moves at their disposal but high defenses. Alternatively, it's a good move to use as a setup against a highly defensive opponent. Perhaps using the No Guard to weaken the opponent and then putting in a Pokemon who can further whittle down the defenses of your foe with a degenerative or corrosive move to strip away the HP.

The free Pokemon for Pokemon Sun and Moon also coincides with the launch of the trading card game based around the new Pokemon featured in the Nintendo 3DS titles. The newest expansion for the TCG is called Guardians Rising and Gamespot is reporting that they're in stores now, and you might even be able to pick up the new card pack when you drop by to grab a free code. The new TCG expansion spans the likes of 169 new cards. So there's plenty to help flesh out your deck and make it as powerful as ever.

This should further help saturate the sales of Pokemon Sun andMoon, not that Nintendo really needs it given that they've already managed to move well over 14 million copies of the game, and are reveling in the success of it being the fast-selling entry in the franchise yet.