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The latest community event in Pokemon Go had trainers catching hordes of grass-type critters in an effort to see which team would reign supreme. In the end, team Mystic outpaced the competition by a pretty sound margin, which we're sure will make those blue jerks all the more smug in the coming months.

Last weekend, Niantic held a grass-themed event in Pokemon Go. They made it easier to come across grass-type Pokemon all over the world and tasked players from each of the popular mobile games three teams to compete to see who could claim the most. According to a recent tweet from the game's official Twitter feed, the folks on Mystic earned those particular bragging rights.

Looking at the results, they seem to fall in line with which teams are the most popular, in general, in Pokemon Go. It's been kind of an ongoing joke to rag on Team Instinct, along with their goofball team leader, from the beginning. I kind of thought that would spur more players on to joining the underdog's team but, lagging behind the competition by 30 million Pokemon, it looks like they're still the littlest dog in the fight. To be clear, the Mystic squad landed 14 million more than Valor, so their dominance is pretty clear at this point.

If you had no idea the competition was going on last week but noticed an uptick in grass-type critters available in Pokemon Go, well now you know what all of the fuss was about. There are currently 24 different grass-type Pokemon in the game at this point, and even the more rare breeds could be found out in the wild.

All told, Pokemon Go players amassed 290 million grass-type Pokemon over the course of just a few days. Again, that just goes to show how popular the game remains as it nears its second year on the market. Niantic has been pretty good about rolling out consistent updates and new events, too, so we expect the game to keep rolling right along for some time to come. Unfortunately, they've offered no word yet on when or what the next event will involve, so it looks like it's just back to the usual hunting and catching for the time being.

Niantic does seem to target specific holidays and seasons to hold their Pokemon Go events, so maybe something will turn up soon thanks to summer, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. Also, E3 is just around the corner, which seems like a good time to stir up some extra action with an in-game event.

Until then, did any of our readers get into the grass-themed event in Pokemon Go? Are these kinds of activities enough to keep you coming back for more, or are you hoping they step up their game with new functionality soon? Let us know in the comments below.

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