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Warner Bros., and Monolith Productions unleashed a new trailer for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, featuring a look at some of the new locations and places that you'll be able to visit throughout your journeys.

The video was recently posted up over on IGN, featuring just under two minutes of gameplay for the upcoming action-RPG. They reveal that there are new locations to visit such as the Island of Nurn, Cirith Ungol, along with Gorgoroth.

The video starts with some awesome cinematic-style shots of the in-engine worlds of Shadow of War. We then get to see Talion and Celebrimbor journeying through various regions of Middle-Earth.

Snow-capped mountains are put on display, along with forests filled with the beasts of the earth; valleys where the throngs of men gather, and towers built by the ancient architects of old. The trailer is filled with a diverse collection of various environments that players will be able explore throughout the game.

We see Orc encampments where construction takes place, along with old statues by campfires under the twilight glow of a full moon peeking out from behind a curtain of passing clouds.

The trailer for Shadow of War also gives a brief glimpse at a smoke-stacked town beyond the borders of Mordor; smog and pillars from the brimstone fill the air around the town.

We finally get a look at Talion walking amongst his horde of Orcish soldiers. He then tersely mentions that he's bringing the war to them.

The trailer also features a nice collage of destruction led by Talion against the Orc strongholds scattered across Middle-Earth, this includes a reign of fire from a giant dragon, and lots of explosions taking down various structures.

I suppose they needed to juxtapose all those serene scenes at the beginning of the trailer with something more action-packed.

Players won't have to worry about Middle-Earth: Shadow of War being in short supply of action... it's literally quite the opposite. The game is all about picking fights and taking over territories, not unlike a real-time strategy game. The only major difference is that you're actually involved in the fights and you'll need to exercise skill and tactics in order to overthrow the warlords controlling the areas you'll need to take over.

One of the big hooks for Shadow of War is a returning mode from Shadow of Mordor, which saw gamers having to deal with various rivals and adversaries throughout the game thanks to the Nemesis feature. This will play an even bigger role in the sequel, creating new rivalries and enemies for players to encounter throughout their playthrough.

The Nemesis system has seen a major upgrade, and they tease it ever so briefly at the end of the trailer before showing the August 22nd release date for the game on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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