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Nintendo is gearing up for the release of their next big Nintendo Switch exclusive called ARMS. They rolled out a Nintendo Direct and a press release to highlight some of the core features for the quirky new fighting game due for release this June.

ARMS is set to release on June 16th for the Switch, but, before then, Nintendo decided to rundown all the important info you needed to know about the game, like detailing that you'll be able to play-test the game between May 26th and May 28th, and again between June 2nd and June 4th... for free!

The ARMS test client is available right now, and you can download it from the Nintendo eShop. If you have a Nintendo Network ID you simply log in, head to the eShop from the home screen of the Nintendo Switch, and then click on the free test client for ARMS. It's a tiny download just over 1GB in size, and once it finishes you'll be able to enter it and choose one player or two player options. The servers aren't live yet, so you'll have to wait for May 26th to get in on the test.

Additionally, they outlined the different single and multiplayer game modes that will be present in the fighting game. On the multiplayer side, ARMS features a Grand Prix mode, which is the equivalent of the tower or multiverse modes in games like Mortal Kombat or Injustice. There's a Party Match so you can play online with other people in casual games. A Ranked Match so you can earn points and move up on the global leaderboards by participating in one-on-one matches, and local wireless play.

You'll be able to also partake in a number of other modes, including versus modes that allow for one-on-one bouts, team bouts, a volleyball mode, a basketball mode, a 1-vs-100 mode, and a skillshot practice test. An additional training gym is also present so you can learn the basics in ARMS.

There will be 10 playable characters at launch, each with their own signature moves, look, and customizable arms. Each character will have three basic arm settings that can be used during a bout, but players aren't limited to just that. You can also unlock lots of other attachables for your favorite character by playing through the different modes. There's a huge meta-game element to the Nintendo Switch exclusive, as players will be able to unlock different types of arm attachments, each with their own attributes. Additionally different arms come in different weight classes, so heavy arms are slow and powerful, medium arms are medium, and light arms are fast and light.

The cool thing about the weight classes is that if you punch an opponent's fist you can cancel their attack, but only if you have a weight advantage. It's a little like rock, paper, scissors. Additionally, there's also elemental effects -- there are seven different elements that can affect your arms attachment, including fire, electricity, wind, ice, stun, explosion and blind. Each attribute can work to cancel out the other, not unlike Pokemon and the different abilities that allow for tactical and strategic advantages during a battle.

You can not only unlock new arm attachments in ARMS but you can also upgrade those attachments.

And just like Splatoon and Splatoon 2, Nintendo plans on offering up additional post launch content for ARMS. They mention that stages, characters and modes will be free updates for players. For more info on the global test for the game, they have the times and dates detailed over on the ARMS web page.

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