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The cast of Te Walking Dead: A New Frontier

It's been a long, hard road through Telltale Game's The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, and that road is finally about to come to an end. The team has revealed a few details about the fifth and final chapter of the ongoing series, including a date fans will want to mark on their calendars.

Over on the Telltale blog, Scott Butterworth has announced that the New Frontier campaign for The Walking Dead will come to a close with Chapter 5 on May 30. It's being called "From the Gallows," and they're billing it to be a rather explosive conclusion.

So we're only about a week out from the conclusion to the latest Walking Dead game, which will arrive simultaneously on May 30 across the PlayStation 4, Xbox Once, PC, iOS and Android devices. If you're getting the chapters one at a time, that'll be the day you can pop onto your platform of choice, pay a few bucks and get to downloading. If you're a season pass holder, which makes the most sense in these episodic games, then From the Gallows should start downloading automatically on that date.

If that's all the information you wanted, you can feel free to stop reading now, as everything that follows has some light spoilers from the story up to this point. If you're current on your playthrough, nothing here should be considered spoiler material. However, it certainly sounds like great news for folks who want their decisions in Walking Dead games to have a greater impact.

As Butterworth puts it, From the Gallows is primed to be "Telltale's most tailored episode to date." He said this is due to the nuanced relationships players have built over the course of the game, and it sounds like the team wanted to make the conclusions a bit more unique.

As you know, Richmond teeters on the brink of collapse, and the lives of its citizens and all those closest to Javier hang in the balance. The decisions you've made and bonds you've nurtured will determine which characters now trust Javi to safeguard all they hold dear as this crisis pushes every relationship past its breaking point.

In previous Walking Dead games, some folks cried foul because the ultimate conclusions were more or less the same. They apparently wanted their decisions to have more than an immediate effect on the gameplay with a few lasting consequences thrown in. This ignores the fact that some things happen beyond our control but, sure, let's all have our very own, super special ending.

All snark aside, it sounds like Telltale is aiming to deliver a bit more diversity with From the Gallows, which should appease Walking Dead fans who have been playing the game over the past several months' worth of chapters. As for us, we're just hoping they stick the landing on another fantastic, nerve-wracking tale.

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